DJI Mimo Tutorial: Every Setting Explained (for Osmo Mobile 3 & OM 4)

The ULTIMATE DJI Mimo Smartphone Gimbal app tutorial: Every single feature, setting, button and slider explained in one video.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max:
Samsung Note20 Ultra:
Samsung S9:

MacBook Air (M1, 2020):
iPad Pro 11 inch:

External Drives
Samsung T5 Portable SSD:
SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 64GB Type-C:

Moment Anamorphic (Blue & Gold):
Moondog Labs anamorphic:
Beastgrip Pro Series 3x Tele:
Ulanzi 65mm:
Ulanzi 2020 DoF Adapter:
Ulanzi DoF Adapter (Version 1):

DJI Osmo Mobile 3:

Neewer 37mm filter kit:
Step up ring:
Tiffen Black Pro-Mist Diffusion Filter:
Moment 67mm Filter Mount:
K&F 67mm Variable ND Filter:
Sandmarc ND / PL clip on filters:

Sennheiser 416:
Comica CVM-WS60:
Rode VideoMic Me:
Boya BY-M1:

Audio Recorder
Zoom H4n:
Sound Devices 633 recorder/mixer:

Boom pole
Rode Boom Pole:

2 x VIJIM VL-1:

Grips and Rigs
Magic Arm:
Flexible Gooseneck and Spring Clamp:

Ulanzi Mini Tripod:
Joby GorillaPod:
Joby GripTight ONE Micro Stand:

Apple MacBook Air 2021:
LogiTech Slim Folio Pro:
Apple iPad Pro 11″:
Apple Magic Mouse 2:

► Cinematic T-Shirt:

00:00 Mimo Introduction
00:50 Mimo Bluetooth Connection
01:26 Assign M Button
01:45 Mimo Home Page
02:14 Mimo AI Editor
03:09 Mimo Academy
03:25 Landscape – Portrait Switch
03:33 Record – Shutter Button
03:50 Camera Mode Menu
04:04 How to Zoom using DJI Mimo App
04:40 Slow Motion
04:57 Dyna-Zoom
05:29 How to Shoot Timelapse
06:38 How to Shoot Hyperlapse
07:02 Pano
07:55 Story Mode
08:47 Selfie Camera
09:05 Gesture Control
09:33 Gallery
10:25 Exposure Values
11:00 Exposure & Focus Reticle
11:38 Indicators
12:05 Manual Mode (iOS Only)
12:48 Resolution & Frame Rate
13:33 Glamour Mode
13:54 Extra Settings
15:14 Gimbal Settings
15:48 Gimbal Modes
16:46 How to Adjust Zoom Speed
16:58 Control Stick settings
17:31 Invert Pan / Tilt
17:55 How to Calibrate DJI Gimbal
18:24 General Settings
19:13 Story Mode Example

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  1. Hands down the best tutorial video ever!!!!!!!

  2. Anyone knows of a newer upgraded model of Action Osmo in Sept 2022? Also, the old DJI Mimo Apps has a corrupted file which made it totally unusable for remote control?? Any comments??

  3. How do you use it on Facebook live??

  4. This is a great tutorial on Mimo App. I watched your OM5 videos and they were really helpful. BUT you don't comment on the strange random numbering system that Mimo applies to the images that erases the iPhone standard IMG_ numbers and substitutes their own thus rendering them out of order they were shot in. This does not happen with any other app I use for my iPhone 11 shooting, stills or video. I use "Image Capture" to download my images to my Mac computers. In the phone the images are in order, but once downloaded, they are given new and inexplicable file names causing many extra hours of sorting from shoots. This is such a problem, that I am considering dumping the OM5 and getting the Zhiyun Smooth Q4 that you have also reviewed just to use the ZY Play Zhiyun app that does not do this. If I had known about this feature, I would not have bought the OM5. I like everything else about it although it does not support the Moment Wide Angle or Tele lenses. Just too heavy even with the full set of balance weights you also recommend. Even my Zhiyun Crane M2 can't balance properly with those lenses but can with an added fishing weight. But the Moment Wide Angle picks up lens flare from bright windows and lights so I can't use it in the low light situations I bought it for. Nothing is perfect I guess. But I would appreciate it if you could address the naming issue that is a deal breaker for me. As a pro shooting using this gimbal in certain situations, my files are big so using iCloud and anything that does not download directly to my HD, is a non starter. Thank you for all your videos. They really help even for a pro like myself who has found himself old suddenly and needs the lighter weight stabilizers and smaller cameras.

  5. Thank You Sir For The Great Tutorial Video,
    i am from Malaysia
    i just bought the OM4
    You Tutorial Video It’s Really The Most Detailed & Best Tutorial

    May i politely inquire sir
    may sir advice any way to Remote Control The DJI OM4 / or OM5 via an android smart phone ( i am using Oppo Reno 5 & Oppo Reno 7 Smart Phone's )

    i request this remote control due to i am using the OM4 Gimbal to carry out Facebook Solo Live Streaming

    sometimes i might need to control the gimbal up down left right moving, but i am in a distance towards my live streaming tripod ( with the OM4 attached on the tripod)

    i tried to search online,
    but i can't find any options…

    thank you in advance for sir's advice

    have a great day💕

  6. DJI app is good but has one glaring fault. The ability to record to sd card. With internal phone memory at a premium on todays app heavy phones. When filming its always in your mind, am I about to run out of storage space. Yes I could use Filmic Pro, but at £12.99 per device (I can find no way to install it on more than one device connected to the same account without paying again) plus in app purchases. I'm sure DJI could easily fix this problem, or maybe they just don't care.

  7. Ciprian Adrian Ciuhu

    Can you also use the native camera app?
    Does active tracking work on the native app?

  8. Thank you so much for this Video. I was curious to know if it offers the same features on Android as well. Your video helped me to clarify things. If you're reading this can you please confirm if the zoom button is functional with the native camera app in Android?

  9. Why is the app in play store not working

  10. Great tutorial. One question. What software do you use to edit your videos together ? On the Air and on the iPhone ?

  11. Brilliantly useful. Thank you. Just bought the 4SE. Thank you.

  12. How to live stream in YouTube while walking by using Dji OS 5, iPhone 13 pro and Rode Mic? Please make a video on this.

  13. The app dosent work perfectly with android , when i record video i cant find it at the galary , what the solution please need advise ?

  14. Dosthana entertainments

    Thank you sir

  15. Thank you so much for this, im using the om4 to shoot a short film, and with this extra information i have way more ideas on the cinematography.

  16. can i record audio though wireless headphone?

  17. The best introduction, explanation and demonstration on DJI OM5 I have ever seen. Thanks.

  18. Thanks for taking the time to explain all this. Much appreciated

  19. Hi Simon, thank you so much for your video it was great ! i recently got my gimbal and this video helped me a lot ! have a great day ! <3

  20. Good possibile in story mode personalize the logo or the watermaek?

  21. I'd like to use my Samsung note 9 mounted to my dji 4 using the Mimo app face tracking as my camera for screen recording with Filmora 11. Can you tell me anything about how to do this. Thanks.

  22. The om4 tutorial. Thank you, so excited to try my om 4se

  23. Is om 4 suport silent recording