I Surprised Bella Poarch With 20 Custom Macbooks!

We surprised Bella Poarch and students in need with 20 macbooks!

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  1. subscribe if you haven’t already and you might win one of the 7 custom macbooks i'm giving away in the video!
    And just so everyone knows we surprised Bella with one and we donate 70+ laptops to students in need cuz obviously she only needs one 🙂

  2. Full of anime and stuff is cuteee really really … Hahahahahah

  3. A couple I wanted to look like how much squishmallows and I really love your videos and I'm I'm a math book Here we go I want to have dogs and cats on it and bunny ones there you go

  4. 3:15 jaws scared tf out of me

  5. I am only 8 but I now how to draw the sunset and ocean please play roblox it is a popular game and pls invite me if u are in garden Grove so I can help paint I only know how to draw sunset so u should draw a beach house for some one but not me bc I am nice but I have a small house but love ur vids everybody

  6. Caitlyn Miskolczi

    My favourite character in Neely cell is Michelle I pretty🫶🏻

  7. He is so inspiring

  8. SO GOOD


  10. I will I love the porch I love Bella Poarch but do you know that I love her because that’s confusing confusing cause I don’t know if you do or not

  11. I love michell

  12. OMG

  13. Daniella Davenport

    so cool keep it up

  14. I am a huge fan of you guys and Bella porch I wish I can meet her

  15. I hope Bella sees this Bella is the best person she’s actully very sweet

  16. Rodyna Mohamed AFIFI

    I'm new and this is the first video I watched and I have a small question. ARE YOU A BLINK?????!!!!

  17. Im proud to be pilipino

  18. can u give me a mcabook bc in a few wecks it my brthday

  19. anime simp obsessed


  20. i have to go to your place today but I’ll get back to the house sometime today or tomorrow

  21. His blackpink lightstick ✋😭 I just noticed
    And the fact that she said MsMunchie is hotter than Lisa 😭😭😭 they are both beautiful
    Y’all roasting Lisa too 😭😭😭😭

  22. Ty Bella for supporting the 🇵🇭

  23. I would love to win a Mac book since mine broke recently

  24. Vandana Shrivastav

    When he met Bella, his hairstyle haha

  25. BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. You'd think that bella would be I bit loud but she is shy and I love it

  27. Zhc I agree that cockroaches are DESCUSTING CUZ I HAD ONE ON MY HAND WHILE I WAS CHANGING

  28. u guys are so cool keep up the good work

  29. ‏أبغى واحد

  30. I would squee over a MacBook, much less one customized by you or your group. 😵 So awesome! My 13 year old goes by E_Umbreon. Their name is Eevee and Umbreon is a fav character…. So many other favorites, too. Still going to reprise the technoblade cosplay for this Halloween as tribute.

  31. make one for jordan matter

  32. I love the designs

  33. Hi ZHC does the one with purple hair have a youtube channel