DJI OM5 | How to Use DJI OM5

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Meet DJI OM 5, a smartphone stabilizer that is the ultimate solution for sharing your world.
Magnetic, foldable, and ultra-compact, OM 5 complements your smartphone perfectly, providing incredibly smooth footage. In this video, we’ll show you how to set up and use your DJI OM 5 for the first time!

0:00 – Introduction
0:20 –
0:43 – Activation
1:09 – Mode Switching
1:46 – Gimbal Operation
3:08 – Storage

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  1. June 30th, 2022 – Bought a brand new DJI OM 4 SE, App keeps crashing. I researched and found that I had to download off of their website some software to get the App to work and it kept crashing on a brand new empty Google Pixel phone. Crappy support from the company. But I still wanted one and found out that they have a newer version DJI OM 5, so I returned the (Brand New Older version OM 4) thinking that their was a bug in their software and that it would work with the DJI OM 5. I was wrong. It still crashes. – Something else too…. their are a THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of 1 Star Reviews in the Google Play App Store and barely and (1 dot) 4 & 5 star reviews. SAVE YOUR MONEY

  2. Not so Humble Opinion

    Can someone who has purchased and used it at least a month advise in it's Real Life performance? So many negative reviews on Amazon, especially regarding motion restrictions and android connectivity. Thanks so much, was just about to but and see all these reviews in multiple languages with 1 star 😔

  3. Can my oppo phone work with this?

  4. Does it support the Snapchat app?

  5. How do you take 1 photo at a time instead of burst? ?

  6. جميع تطبيقات DIJ لاتعمل باوربا
    Alle apps DJI werk niet in europa

  7. Wow nice 👍

  8. Who runs 6 percent of phone battery life for a quick demo? bitch charge that phone!

  9. SIMPLICITY at its FINEST! Awesome vid and to the point! Thank you

  10. Why I can’t download it in Egypt what I used vpn could it work

  11. Where can I purchase one?

  12. Can you connect external mic ??

  13. This is awesome. Easy to use for a newbie and fun to take along

  14. Finally, thank you fir this.
    I was ready to return the bloody thing. After your video I can’t put it down.

    I was in the App Store and couldn’t figure which app to load, they all seemed like drone apps. As soon as I finished your video, the cussing stopped. Lol

    Thank you.

  15. This tutorial made me thirsty.

  16. Radosław Kowalski

    I want to make product movies. I cannot, because my om5 is flying all over. How to make him work "just stabile", not moving? Without follow mode?

  17. Now this is how you make a tutorial video!

  18. Chiang Mai Condo

    Just bought this today after realising the iPhone 13 ProMax is really HEAVY. Anyone wanna buy a DJI Osmo 3 in good condition?

  19. can i record audio though wireless headphone?

  20. Does anyone know if this is compatible with a Samsung Note 20 with a regular phone case on it.

  21. Hi

  22. One plus 7 pro works for this ? Any short comings please…

  23. I can't be the only one to spot the cannabis plant in the 'Zoom' Section?!?!?!?!?

  24. good info

  25. ARV Loshan News

    After long wait and hesitation got mine. Athens Gray <3
    Beautiful buddy and apt tutorial. Lovely

  26. Lynette Gregorio

    Is it compatible with ip7 ?

  27. I just purchased but the rotate button and the zoom button does not work. I have a. iPhone XS and the compatibility is ok. Can someone help?

  28. Hi …. kindly …. on the next releases … please 🙏 please 🙏 please …consider to ….. add a detachable bluetooth remote .. .. om 6 or whatever …
    Thank you

  29. Hi … this product is so cool …that … it doesn't come with a bluetooth remote … which comes ready with many budget selfie stands … at this age ….

  30. Handy tutorial. What is sport mode used for?

    Anyway, DJI makes wonderful products and they should make stand-alone cameras and smartphones too!

  31. I can not get it to connect to my I phone 13 pro max, any tips?

  32. I didn't get past 1:14 minutes … I'm not getting an authorization screen on my Galaxy S21… Now, what am I doing wrong.

  33. eee wala feature thek nhi ha dabate hi on hona chye pehle bata rhe ha tm log ko, bht time ha 2 second wala itna intezar nhi hota hm log se by TNT 😎

  34. 2:06 Pressing the M button does not change it into FPV mode (which BTW, if this was a proper tutorial, they would explain what this means, and what you should expect), but for me, the screen flops down and faces the floor if I press the M button 4 times.

  35. 1:47 Pressing the M button once only changes it from Photo to Video. But not Video to Photo. You have to close down the Mimo app, and then open the Camera app, and manually change it and then go back and re-open the Mimo app, which is a pain in the a$$