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Clip Hài Xuân Hinh Nói Xấu Vợ – Nghe Thấm Thía Luôn!!!

Clip Hài Xuân Hinh Nói Xấu Vợ – Nghe Thấm Thía Luôn! Là người dẫn …


  1. Chào mừng các bạn đã đến Việt Nam chúng tôi

  2. Nào bạn đến Phú Quốc.. sẽ đẹp hơn

  3. Vinh GMYTBFF🇻🇳


  4. Hồng đích Lê

    Việt Nam chào đón các bạn tới khám phá và trải nghiệm….

  5. Absolute no touch on the corals, man.

  6. Wow..I want to switch places with you man 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. I wish I could travel like u guys. I'm Vietnamese overseas but I have never experienced the way u do . Thanks for showing. I hope u back to vn soon and film more since it's so interesting to see these sightseeing & activities other than cuisine filming channel

  8. ❤🇻🇳❤🇻🇳❤

  9. Wow! I feel like I'm in water when you are under the ocean.. Great experience bro! keep Vlogging
    Ashok from Delhi, India.

  10. That Asian dude looks so familiar, btw he is trying to be a super hero. Sharks are very dangerous.

  11. Enjoy 😊🇱🇰

  12. 千丨Ꮆ卄ㄒᗪㄩᗪ乇 op

    Say chale challo for all the videos

  13. NoCancelCultureAccepted

    The corals used to be colorful.
    Thanks to the humans, they’re all dead now.

  14. Hellooo from Bangalore India. We ( my parents and myself) are huge followers of u and enjoy all ur travel experiences.
    My mums new quote line is " g triple O ,D "!! That's how much she follows the way u trend.
    Visit Bangalore if you haven't until now. Have fun ,stay safe and keep posting more about ur travels…cos we travel with you . 😊😊

  15. Hey isn't that Chris Pang with you from Crazy Rich Asians and the show As We See it?! How do you know him? Big fan!

  16. Gary Mattscheck

    This reminds me of me diving.

  17. Get certified goooooo deep 👍🤿

  18. Sorry dude I'd put my gear on myself

  19. top lad living the dream

  20. Peace be upon you brother with love ❤️🇵🇰❤️ great experience under water

  21. The Scuba Diving is fascinating.. wow underwater is another mesmerizing World loved that blue sea star … Jet ski looks so much fun but I can see the waves were huge am sure it was a bit difficult… Love the VinPearl Island … you are wonderful person Mac… always giving those videos a positive vibe..

  22. In My Free Tyme

    Lots of fun on those jet skies. I should try it some day. Cheers !

  23. Mac bro, your BGMS are unbearable and goes very well with the situation

  24. dilini anuruddhika

    My friend mac go safely
    Love from 🇱🇰

  25. Everyone loves Mac, he's the greatest guy wherever he goes. Stay safe bro