Inflatable Camp Pillow Review

A quick review of an .

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  1. Do we need to take a hole to blow air in it

  2. I buyed one from. Wish only for 1 dollar

  3. Guilio McEwan's Space

    Do you know if it could be sat on.

  4. great review im looking for one for a bed

  5. Nutting like a good camp pillow. Could have used it on the road trip in an rv we took.

  6. for people who sleep on their sides like I do and need a thicker one, just use two with a couple pieces of Velcro and you're good to go.

  7. Didn't you upload a video today? Or am I going crazy? 😉

  8. looks like a good addition to military sleep system

  9. nice! I use something similar for my back when I drive

  10. I use a pillow just like that for lumbar support on my computer chair.
    Thank you for the low back ground music Morgan.
    Helps my older ears. 🙂


    3.50 Now I will for sure pick one up. Thanks for the heads up.


    I have been curious about these for a while. I dig it. May have to pick one up. Great overview.

  13. I feel stupid.I never tried the blow up pillows,I have bought.

  14. just thinking…B.O.B "emergency flotation" (when in a pack ?) …Morgan, hurricane Patricia…hope it misses your area!

  15. Very cool, when I was trucking I had one of those I kept in the truck so I could nap when I was waiting.. It's better than nothing.. That indent helps a lot.. Great pillow for the money.. Thumbs up Morgan..

  16. $3.50 = WIN !!! cool demo & review Morgan, thx for the tip 🙂



  18. 3.50 sounds like a steal!

  19. nice,,,good review

  20. make sure you Got your BOB ready….Hurricane Patricia is coming pretty close.