How To Trim Your Boat (Basics Of Boat Trim) | BoatUS

This video shows you the , or getting your boat on plane. It walks you through how to use the power trim on your outboard or sterndrive to your advantage; what it means to trim the boat up and trim it down; and how this affects the ride and efficiency. Learn more about at

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  1. Fantastic video!! Exactly the explanation I was looking for. Many thanks.

  2. NipItInTheBud100

    Wow, this was a really great and informative explanation of trimming a motor! Thanks!

  3. Freddy Gutierrez

    After watching 20 videos trying to teach how to plane, this one finally nailed it for me. Thank you.

  4. Very nice video thank you!!

  5. Best explanation yet! Talk about trim in reverse, too!

  6. Very informative video thank you

  7. Thank you!

    Very well explained👌🏻

  8. Wow, no-sh*t, thank you for this video!

  9. Excellent, Really helped. Thanks

  10. i deffinatly understand now. i was wondering how i seen other boats level and my grampa got his level and i could never get it level. but now i understand why i wasnt able to get it to plane out. makes it hard to see with it up in the air and a hazard if the wind catches the boat right at a faster speed. thank you big time.

  11. What is on your waist, may I ask? Thank you.

  12. Darrin Pennington

    Short, sweet and straight to the point. I'm a newer boater and this helped me tremendously

  13. Nice boat!!!

  14. Good explanation

  15. best explanation I have seen. Specially how to detect the limit and back off.

  16. Hello, is this the standard for all types? Inboards and outboards? Thanks

  17. Thanks I never knew what the trim did

  18. Thanks! Makes loads of sense. In my Dad's old Evinrude outboard days, the trim was adjusted by sliding a pin out of a hole on the mounting plate and sliding into another to change the engine angle.

    I was on a speed party boat off Wildwood NJ one year, and the pilot maxed out negative trim for about twenty seconds, and man did we all get soaked! Then he went slightly positive, and we got some sweet air time!

  19. Great video. Thanks

  20. Thanks! I keep coming back to this video
    once per season…Its like a “refresher course” lol.

  21. Great video for newbies like myself

  22. Best video!

  23. Awesome tutorial. I'm new. Got it, thanks that's well explained 👍

  24. No bullshit perfect explanation

  25. My boat doesn't have electric trim, just a bar the motor locks to. How do I know where to set that bar?

  26. Thank you for this good video. Regards

  27. Good instruction. Thanks

  28. Good video

  29. What happens if you try go accelerate from a stand still with the engine fully trimmed in (forcing the bow to rise) ?

    Can you eventually reach top speed this way but its just slower?

  30. Now I need a boat.

  31. Appreciate the video greatly. Please add Sierra or Quicksilver OEM part numbers where possible as I thing you have identified the problem with my speedo on the outdrive. I have to order that plastic part as well. thanks again, however.

  32. I have a 22 ft angler and 225 4 stroke on a 2 foot bracket also .
    The boat always is so now now high unless I trim all the way up .
    Is that normal .