A Beginner Lesson in the Stafford Gambit

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In this video, I give a lesson in the Stafford Gambit to @GrappLr who is a popular streamer and an avid chess fan. We cover the basic opening strategy and the common tricks and traps that make the Stafford Gambit so much fun. Later, we then team up and play a couple games in the Stafford Gambit against viewers. Check out Grapplr on Twitch and YouTube!

0:00 Introduction to the Stafford Gambit & first moves
3:44 Most Beautiful Stafford Trap (OH NO MY QUEEN)
7:45 Englund Gambit Trap Tangent
8:40 When white doesn’t take the queen…
10:10 Simple trap vs f3
10:47 Most common Stafford Trap
16:47 Hikaru stumbled into this trap!
17:50 What Stockfish thinks about the Stafford
19:35 TRAP to PUNISH White’s Natural Development
23:09 Best response to the Stafford Gambit?
24:44 Responding to White’s Best Line (tricky traps!)
29:06 Move Orders, Transpositions, and more traps
31:32 When White plays an early e5… (even more traps!)
35:06 When White Avoids the Stafford
37:57 Teaming up against a viewer (SWEET TRAP)
41:50 Teaming up against a strong viewer — responding to an early f3

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  1. First 8 mins str8 dirty

  2. Bruno Henrique Maçaneiro

    Eric first of all thank you for all your videos, I have been stuck in 1200-1300 for a while and your opening videos have helped me a lot. Well in 34:00 is there any continuation in this line if my oponent play Qf3? I guess it is better than the continuation you showed (G3). I just had a game like this and I didnt know what to do afterwards. If anyone knows I would be happy to know

    Thanks everyone

  3. Please, please, stop saying "eats" pieces. Thanks😊

  4. 11b Vaishnavanand

    This gambit too op

  5. Eric was kind enough to tell me about this video when I saw him this evening. Of course I was watching his stream when I decided to refute the Stafford by defending the Boden-Kieseritsky Gambit with an extra tempo. But @GrappLr outplayed me when he stopped listening to Eric! (And yes we all missed Qc4+)

    Even when White is much better, it’s an annoying gambit to face!

  6. 7:52 eric's face when he realises that grapplr was talking about his own englund gambit video

  7. Does this mean you only play Stafford when black?

  8. Is anyone else notice 'Mashturbator' Sub?
    It's placed on the lower right of the video 👀🤣🤣🤣

  9. In the 31.30 segment for early e5 push I never find a good continuation for knight e4, queen e2. Does anybody have any good ideas here?

  10. Amazing video!

  11. Eric is so humble and well-mannered.

  12. thanks for this expliantion, i understand this game now lilbit more XD

  13. TimedOutDj Prabhat

    i tried doing stafford gambit but the first time i decided to do it with white and the moves developed and i ended up playing scotch gambit instead. Needless to say it was all over in 24 moves.

  14. Been following Eric since he had 7K subs.

    Always loved how calm and easy his teaching style is. Happy to see you growing so much ❤️❤️❤️

  15. perceptive sponge

    If you want the Stafford gambit more frequently, bishop to c5 on move 2 is good because people know the petrov and the Stafford and they never take but with bishop they always take for me 😊

  16. Okay, chess commentary should be done in more mature vibes like these and less like Gothamchess

  17. Sebastian Alarcon

    Can somebody please share the video where Hikaru felt on this trap?

  18. Before vedio: fav white 🤍
    After vedio : fav black 🖤🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

  19. Come on overwhelm him maaan!!!!!!
    We want to learn from u!!!
    Please do more like this
    Teach us openings and and defenses…
    Respect and love for the best, smartest, kind, and humble ERIC ROSEN.

  20. I just played my first Stafford Gambit winning white's Queen then resigning. Buzzing.

  21. Been trying this with varying success. Came across a defence tonight which stumped me. 5 e4 Ne4 6.Qe2 is a very simple solution that seemed to kill all attacking prospects.

  22. i´d pay for a lesson like that.

  23. too many irritating ads… not subbing…thumbs down…


  24. f5 is mistake becuase white play Qc4 wining de Bc5

  25. Just curious… what is the rating of the student? It's interesting to see him learning these patterns for the first time.

  26. I really appreciate the labeled chapters in this video. really underrated and important in an hour long video

  27. What if after the gambit accepted and then white moves the queen to e2

  28. Francesco Boccardi

    this video alone made my ranking skyrocketing, not only because of the stafford itself but for the overall positioning of your pieces you'll have regardless of a successful gambit

  29. The Qh4 move mirrors why King's Gambit is out of favor.