T-ARA Soyeon: Best High Notes/Vocals – Supported Vocal Range (at her best) | 티아라 – 소연 : 고음모음 + 음역대

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Mời theo dõi video T-ARA Soyeon: Best High Notes/Vocals – Supported Vocal Range (at her best) | 티아라 – 소연 : 고음모음 + 음역대

This video where I showcase Soyeon’s supported range at her best: G#3 – B4.

This includes some notes that she does not normally or consistently support such as G#3, B4. Hope you enjoy!

I don’t claim any of the video clips or photos as my own. Thank you to all uploaders for these 😘

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  1. Василий Кагульский

    Храни Вас БОГ!!! СТО ЛЕТ Вам Крепкого Здоровья, Уюта с Благополучием, да Улыбками и Смехом Наполненный Дом. Уважения Людей, Любви Родных и Близких, Дай Вам БОГ!!!

  2. Василий Кагульский

    👑Soyeon🧚‍♂️ 🌞🎆💫🌟⭐💥🔥🌈💯 ШИКАРНЕЙШАЯ🔥 КРССАВИЦА🌞 УМНИЧКА🌟!!! Слушать Медовый Голос🧚‍♂️и Смотреть Вас🧚‍♂️, можно вечно!!!

  3. Василий Кагульский

    BRAVO 👑🧚‍♀️Soyeon🌞🎆💫🌟⭐💥🔥🌈💯!!! Самая🌟 При Самая🌟 КРССАВИЦА🌞 УМНИЧКА🌟, ДАЛ Тебе🧚‍♂️ БОГ ЗАВАРАЖИВАЮЩИЙ ГОЛОС И ТАЛАНТ!!!

  4. Does anyone know the song at 3:55?

  5. Do you know the names of the songs she is singing?

  6. Василий Кагульский

    🙏Здравствовать и Быть Счастливой 👑Soyeon🧚‍♂️
    🌞💫🌟⭐💥🔥🌈💯!!! ☝️😍👍

  7. Василий Кагульский

    👑Soyeon🧚‍♂️  🙏Крутейше Радуешь Своим Голосом🌞 и Собой Чарующе Милой🧚‍♂️, Завараживающе  Шикарнейшей Красавицей🔥!!! При Всем Этом💫, Остаешься Очаровательнейше Миленькой🧚‍♂️!!!= ЧУДО!!!
    FANTASTIC🎆 Miss World🌏☝️ & Beautiful and Super Artist😍!!!

  8. Василий Кагульский

    👑Soyeon🧚‍♂️ 🌞🎆💫🌟⭐💥🔥🌈 💯!!!

  9. 3:29 where is this?

  10. 3:21 her vocals tho O_o

  11. She is better than Eunjung, but keep overshadowed, i believe she can do those high notes in T Ara's song.

  12. Sebastião Rodrigues

    I don't know her but what a powerful, lovely and heavy voice.

  13. her vibrato is gorgeous

  14. I love her voice so much

  15. 1:28 what song is this again¿?? Oh my gosh :'>
    It sounds like an ost

  16. Soyeon our main vocalist 😍

  17. Beside Taeyeon, Soyeon is also the one who has best voice colour in K-pop industry.

  18. What is she doing now

  19. Tikitaka Lilmore

    I didnt expect to see Soyeon's vocal video and this was posted 8 months ago. It was hard to find this kind of video of Soyeon, still is now kinda haha.

  20. Василий Кагульский


  21. Василий Кагульский

    BRAVO👑🧚‍♀️Soyen🌞🎆💫🌟⭐💥🔥🌈💯!!! Самая🌟 При Самая🌟 КРССАВИЦА🌞 УМНИЧКА🌟!!!

  22. Василий Кагульский

    ☝️😍👍 BRAVO ARTIST!!!

  23. Nguyễn Văn Trung

    3:42 what is this song ? I feel noltaigic

  24. Can u do eunjung and hyomin?

  25. I'll keep hoping she'll have a comeback and reunite soon with the rest of the girls💕

  26. 아주 바람직한 영상이네요

  27. Can you do the "Yuju version" please ? ( Sorry, I'm not good at English :< )

  28. hello, thank you so much for the video, may i ask what song did you use for the intro?

  29. Kpop Vocal Battle

    2:34 <3

  30. 💓💓💓Thank you so much!!! I think everyone has forgotten her, but no…. 😭😭😭 Miss So 💕

  31. Kpop Vocal Battle


  32. Nice Video!