DJI OM 5 – The Perfect Smartphone Gimbal?

The new is 1/3 Smaller and 1/3 Lighter. You can get smooth cinematic footage with this gimbal that fits in your pocket. Perfect for making YouTube videos and this next video will help you build your channel with a phone

Get the DJI OM 5:
(available in 2 colors)

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00:00 – DJI OM 5
00:36 – iPhone Vs Gimbal
01:21 – 1 Horizon Leveling
01:48 – 2 Layout
02:55 – 3 Active Track
03:18 – 4 Mimo App
04:19 – 5 Magnet
05:03 – 6 Simple
05:34 – 7 Smaller & Lighter
06:17 – 8 Extension Rod
07:23 – 9 Shot Guide
08:01 – 10 Filmmaking Mindset


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  1. Nice video,
    But it would’ve been nice to mention that your tip-top shiny case doesn’t come with the Drop-in lens mount on your phone.
    It is a completely separate object.
    Which means you have to buy the Drop-in lens mount plus the case to be able to attach additional lenses to your phone 👍🏻

  2. I own the gimbal with a s22 ultra, phone seems to heavy for this gimbal doesn't stay centered.. ik think when they wnt way lighter on the om5 they overshot because it just doesnt do any kind of larger cell phone as it claims too… also the dji app is geared specifically for apple… there are no where near the features in the app for android, so know that before buying… plus the newest phone have so many options and top notch lenses that the antiquated options in dji's app is a joke… use the gimbal for a steadier shot and use the phones native camera features…

  3. Prof James Ker-Lindsay

    Thanks as ever. I have been following your guides since starting my channel a couple of years ago. I don't get out and about much in my videos (I do indoor talking heads), but I have started to look at doing some more videos on location. Your work is always absolutely guaranteed to give me the best tips and ideas. And they are always so beautifully produced.

  4. What case iphone 2:33?

  5. I have a Samsung A70 which is not on the compatibility list for this particular gimbal, although I will not be able to use all the functions, will I benefit from getting one for normal video shooting.

  6. I have an om4 and I'm struggling with the lock .. When I let go of the button

  7. not at all stable.
    shaky footage

  8. Lancashire And Yorkshire Adventures

    if you have an s21 ultra then don't get one of these…. the mimo app and the phone do not like each other… wobbly shaky footage drove me insane… nothing wrong with gimbal, just be careful which phone you use…. and the app sucks

  9. Unfortunately, you didn't mentioned the calibration procedure,

  10. Great video! Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Hi Jeven, thanks for your very clear review of the DJI OM5. My question is: does the Gimbal work when using Iphone 12 pro with lidar apps like 3dScanner ? Sincerely yours, Rienhart Wolf, the Netherlands

  12. This, or DJI pocket 2 ?

  13. I already buy it but I watched until the end because it was very interesting 👍🏻 I wanted to see if I don't miss any functionalites. Completely agree for what you said at the end it was exactly what I feel when I shot outside for the first time.

  14. is it compatible with iphone 13 mini??

  15. Can you use the Pixel Pro 6 Camera App with this or do you always need to use the dji app?

  16. Anyone else have a sort of loose zoom button?

  17. It''s a Gimble that sounds good in theory but actually using it, its BAD…. rotates too much, no clear control, makes sounds and its VERY awkward to use

  18. When you’re using the gimble making a vlog are you using built in mic or something else? What do you recommend. Thx.

  19. It does not have a focus feature which is sad

  20. will it work with a 12 pro max with extra lens like a Moment or Moondog?

  21. I didn’t know much about gimbals actually. Watched some videos and was like I’m going to get it. For someone like myself it has been very user friendly and easy to use. Takes a little playing with and getting used to but definitely a fun n creative experience to pics and videos. Between this and some drone footage with a DJI Mini 2 it’s been a blast. Keep up the good work brotha. Good video.

  22. Coach Ariel Andersson

    LOVE this. So appreciate seeing all these features I didn’t even know were possible. You have absolutely turned me on to using OM and in truth a gimbal at all. This is transformative! Anything that makes life, shooting video and editing easier I am all for:).Thank you.

  23. is it use full for fake drone shoot ?

  24. Bro im refunding my zero x g2

  25. Good summary. Thanks.

  26. I recently heard from a salesperson not to stick a magnet on the back of a phone since it drains the battery. Any info on this since the Gimble kind works like this??

  27. What are you wearing around your neck during the #8 "Extension Rod" section? Looks like a camera or a mic of some sort.