DJI Pocket 2 | How to use MIMO APP with DJI Pocket 2

Connected to the , you are allowing to change the DJI Pocket 2 settings to your preferences, unlock more possibilities for your experience with DJI Pocket 2.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:12 – connect DJI Pocket 2 to your Smartphone
0:20 – How to use DJI MIMO APP

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  1. @DJI Tutorials  Hi there could you tell me if there is any functions, filters, or other settings on the iOS mimo app… That are not included in the Android mimo app? … And vice versa. Is there any functions, filters, etc settings on the Android dji mimo app.. that are not on the iOS mimo app?

    Thank you very much I have both phones and I'm trying to decide which to download the app to. Somebody told me that the Android version of the mimo app has more functions.

    Also, if I activate the DJI pocket 2 on an iPhone can I still use it with a compatible Android device with the mimo app?

  2. Fante de Lumina


  3. On my Redmi 9 "do it all handle" does not connect to the phone and the DJIMIMO application too.

  4. Can't find dji mimo app on play store

  5. The fact that DJI refuses to update their app to be compatible with the Google Play store is unforgivable. I was prepared to download the updated version from the DJI website, however after doing some thorough research, I think it's a terrible idea. I can only assume that the security and data protection is not up to Google's standards, which is why there is no version available on Google Play store. The fact that DJI is only offering the solution "download it from our website", is a red flag for me. For the month and a half that I owned my DJI pocket 2 and DJI mimo app, I was extremely pleased. However at this point, I have a $500 paperweight and no way to use it without risking my privacy or security. Get your act together DJI! 👎

  6. Hello, i can't find the mimo app on my store. Any ways I can download the app? I use an osmo pocket

  7. Dilan javier cuèllar

    el link de la app

  8. Swiss Scenes ,Travels സ്വിസ് രംഗങ്ങൾ , യാത്രകൾ

    have a DJI Pocket 2 camera which is not able to connect to my Huawei Mate 40 Pro . Tried to connect and activate thru DJI Mimo app on the phone several times ,but not successful.
    Does any one know who to activate . With Samsung mobile phone it is possible . While trying to activate with Huawei phone, thru the DJI Mimo app, after searching for some time , it says not found.
    I tried to connect thru the phone adapter not thru blue tooth or by wifi ( wireless ).

  9. Do I have to activate with my phone? I just found out that my phone will not allow me to download the app

  10. Recently my phone has stopped displaying my images and video when my pocket 2 is connected to my phone.
    Is there a fix to this?

  11. I have samsung A72 and i cant find app in app store(sorry for my bad english). How i can activate without smartphone?

  12. can we make instareels from this device use as primary cemera ?

  13. Oh, just heard that Action 2 supports 1080p live streaming. So, does that mean Pocket 2 could now also do 1080p (not 720p) live streaming using the mimo App?

  14. Hey i cant find the dji mimo app in the playstore ( i have an android, samsung Galaxy s8). Is this becouse of my phone type? or maybe where i live? (netherlands) Is it still possible to install the app, and does someone know how?

  15. Is a smart phone required to activate the camera or can the camera be fully operated without a smart phone.

  16. ×͜×P MANOBI RAM


  17. Hamid in Vietnam

    Hey OSMO, why my files get lost every time I connect my DJI to the Mimo app? I can’t get this , please help

  18. What is the difference connecting dji pocket 2 in iphone and samsung ?

  19. As my phone is vivo v2040 (android version 11, processer 2.2 Ghs snapdragon 730 octa core) will it be compatible with Dji pocket 2 ?

  20. Whats the WIFI Password to connect the Device (Pocket 2 combo creator ) from MIMO app …?

  21. I'd so love to have one for my blogging work – BUT WHAT ABOUT AUDIO?!?! If I can't plug in a decent mic with a wind-protection, it's is a non-starter.

  22. For ANDROID Users: DJI does NOT tell those thinking about purchasing their products that MANY Android devices are NOT compatible with their products. Please do research BEFORE you buy their product, or else you will be forced to borrow a compatible device just to use your product independently of a smart phone or you will need to purchase a new smart phone.

  23. Can l use with huawei p20 pro

  24. Eurasian Reflexology

    USELESS Demo guy says "TAP" and then taps the screen, quickly moves his Finger to tap ANOTHER apply for another job! DJI SHOULD JUST DEVELOP A GOOD MANUAL.

  25. How to transfer files to the mac? It seems to not work.

  26. Does anyone have an issue getting your Pocket 2 disconnected while it is linked to a smartphone through USB-C ? Every 10 sec, I get disconnected.

  27. Simon Mountford

    Will a cheap phone on Android 10 work with this camera ?

  28. Harold McGlumpher

    Beware because older Android phones are not compatible with this device

  29. Jimmy, Making it work

    Be nice if something held the phone so one hand could be free while filming?

  30. Can you connect wirelessly without the doc with the pocket 2?

  31. Can I Control Pocket 2 Remotely ??? To Click photo and rotate Camera ??

  32. Plz make it next future that we can use Osmo Camera to go live in any social media like fb, ig, tiktok or any other plz

  33. Hi. Once you've set up the camera with a smartphone, we don't have to always use a smartphone with the camera, right? I see videos of people holding just the camera all the time. So then once the camera is set up, can I just disconnect the smartphone and now I can use the screen on the camera?

  34. While connected to the phone…the Osmo is charging my phone. So the Osmo's battery is draining up. I can hardly use up to 20 mins while connected to the phone..!! Any solution for this…?? (I am an Android user)

  35. How to connect with usb 2.0

  36. Curious as to why the live stream option won't work while the pocket is plugged into the phone? It gives the option in the app but yet with the all in one plugged into the bottom of the pocket along with the phone the live stream option won't work within the app. Is there a fix to this or is it not going to be a useable feature?

  37. Can we edit pocket videos in samsung ?

  38. Anita Hendricks


  39. BadShoeProductions

    The adaptor for the android won't fit my Samsung J7. Do all newer androids use this "C" adaptor?

  40. DJI, is there a way to make virtual joy stick pan/tilt smoother rather than abrupt? Also it would be great to allow us full control of the pan/tilt as we mimic movement directly with our phones in the same way we can with the Ronin RS 2. Maybe on the next update please? 😉🙏

  41. JuiceColored TV

    can i save the video from djipocket to my iphone .. no need to use computer or mac to transfer videos or picture ???

  42. Would it work on my moto g stylus

  43. What I found annoyingly frustrating is that having bought the POCKET 2 and the Stick only to find I cannot connect the Pocket 2 to my phone without the Pocket 2 Do-It-All-Handle – which at the moment is ‘unavailable’ – great… It would have been better if a suggestion at the time of purchase that certain items are required to work with particular purchases…

  44. Stella Angelita

    Can we connect dji osmo pocket 2 and iphone wireless?

  45. Travel With Koushik

    but its charge my smartphone after connect from his battery

  46. MattRamosCreative

    Ridiculous those of DJI, they sell you the camera as compatible with Android and when it does not work on your phone, they tell you that it is compatible only with expensive android phones. I mean, I can't use the camera (since it blocks if you don't activate it from one of these phones). A total scam, if you had an expensive phone you wouldn't need to buy this camera. In their support they don't know how to explain why I can't use a camera that I pay for.

  47. Damien Santillan

    Would be really nice if you could move the virtual joystick wherever on the screen

  48. Other than the lighting or usb c connection, is there any other connection securing the iPhone to Pocket 2? I feel if I were to use this combo I would want to hold it one handed from the Pocket 2 side.

  49. Thanks. Does zooming in 4K work when the phone is connected to the smartphone?