Exciting Advancements in Conversational AI (NVIDIA NeMo)

In this video I discuss some recent advancements in conversational artificial intelligence, specifically NVIDIA’s NeMo AI library. NVIDIA’s NeMo library is a library built on top of pytorch that supplies neural modules to developers. These neural modules can be then be used to create conversational artificial intelligence that can perform tasks in three main disciplines: automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and text to speech.

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📗 NeMo Module:
📘 Example 1 (ASR):
📙 Example 2 (NLP):
📔 Example 3 (TTS):

⭐️ Timestamps ⭐️
00:00 | Introduction
01:22 | GTC Free Pass Giveaway
02:08 | NeMo AI Library
03:22 | Automatic Speech Recognition
06:55 | Natural Language Processing
11:27 | Text-To-Speech
14:50 | Conclusion

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  2. We can use NeMo Library to comercial product?

  3. Hi Tim! Im a programmer moron. But love the tech. Is there a basic AI software I can download for say talk to search "games 2020" and make it open a browser to search for that? And yes i have to really point that out, im an idiot when it comes to programming. Got any tips or help on it? Does it use my Tensor cores on my RTX card? Best regards Balubish

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    Anybody watching neXt series in Disney plus

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  7. I find java to be my favorite language, I’m only saying this because it’s the first language I’ve ever learned and I have more experience with it unlike python and C++, which I’ve only used for just about a year

  8. Good one…..✌🏻

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    yes !

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    Your videos are so inspirational and you’re by far my favorite YouTuber in the tech industry! I would love to attend this event and if you choose me for the event pass I will shout you out on all of my social media and tell everyone about your channel and maybe buy some merch!! Thank you again so much looking forward to meeting you one day!

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  11. Good vaideo Tim

  12. Hey Tim! I would love to make a TTS to use myself. How hard would it be to turn this into a stand alone program I could use? That first TTS you showed was miles better than the one I have right now, I would take that any day. Would having that locally be that difficult?

  13. This is similar to IBM watson or Google Dialog flow creation of a dialogue FAQ

  14. Minh Tien Hoang Le

    I am Tien, [email protected]gmail.com. I am happy to join with you to the conference.

  15. no one can even touch NVDIA

  16. Kind of like Bert model? @londonciao

  17. Is there a cost?

  18. Hmmm. Like that!
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  22. name: Hamed
    insta: Hamed.mm16

    Im very passionate about AI and programming.

  23. Thanks a lot for this video, which like all your others have been extremely helpful to me. Btw, I would like to attend the conference, so just in case I am lucky enough to get chosen, here are my contacts. my email: [email protected]gmail.com

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