Nemo Arms Big Guns with Little Recoil – Shot Show 2016

takes you into the 2016 # #NemoArms exhibit to give a sneak peek into the reasons why women need to know about Nemo Arm’s design. Chance Gianelli (2010 International Sniper Champion) & Ayden – NEMO Arms CEO two experts in the field share some of the reasons why these rifles are unique and how the recoil is greatly reduced. NEMO Arms Mission Statement — “NEMO Arms, Inc. is a Montana based weapon systems integrator committed to research and development and deploying advanced weapon designs and technologies that will enable our partners in the Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement and private sectors to effectively and confidently carry out their missions knowing that they are armed with the finest primary weapons in the world.”– Read more about this world renown firearm manufacturer here —


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