Real Finding Nemo — Huge Carpet Anemone and Clownfish Colony

A Colony of Clownfish in a giant Carpet Anemone
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This beautiful setup was filmed at the Seattle Aquarium. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera gear with me, so this entire story was filmed on my iPhone 7. There were around a dozen clowns in this tank. I didn’t mention this in the video, but you can telll which are dominant (and female), based on their larger size.

If you’re curious what I was referring to when I starting talking about the saltwater trade, check out this article by my old employer, Nat Geo:

The saltwater trade isn’t unique in this respect, the freshwater trade needs to be more transparent about where our fish come from and what is farm raised, sustainably caught, or just plan fished.


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  1. Thanks for watching. I want to apologize for the quality of this video. I shot this entirely on my iPhone 7 so the video and voice over isn't up to my standards. I hope you enjoyed anyway!

  2. Does it sounds like he’s saying anenome instead of anemone or is it just me

  3. can anemone carpet can put together with anemone buble tip and another anemone??

  4. pranay guide's you

    This video brought me in the movie of Disney finding Nemo at the reef

  5. Eduardo Mariscal

    It's the percula clown

  6. Are you freakin serious? You can't say "ANEMONE" correct. I had to turn the volume off so I could type this comment. You are the first person ever to get my goat. Wow!

  7. Wow! Nature is cool!

  8. I just learned about this on Animal Planet a couple days ago so cool

  9. We need to be aware of the impact of our hobby on the natural world, and opt for what’s ethical and sustainable. You tubers can help lead the way. Thanks, Alex!

  10. Friendly great chicken

    I would love to have a tank like this, but I‘m kinda scared of saltwater tanks as they would require me to take care of so many more water perimeters than a freshwater tank does.

    Maybe one day I‘ll save up and just get a fully automated saltwater system that will enable me to just admire the fish and anemone without having to care about the perimeters or anything else myself, but until then, I‘ll stick to freshwater

  11. This channel is legit like Ants Australia but for fish, absolutely awesome stuff man keep it up

  12. Wow, thats super cool!

  13. I think you may be the new voice of Discovery channel. In case david attenborough decides tot retire. Relaxing voice 👍

  14. 💕👍

  15. Anenome?

  16. the anemone is not an enemy

  17. Love it.

  18. It turned out great from your phone! I say keep it up! Thanks for sharing.

  19. This was interesting. This was fun to watch. Thank you.

  20. I would love to have a saltwater aquarium but I would only have clownfish I could never buy anything wild caught

  21. That is a beautiful coral. Video was still good quality

  22. Thunderous Shore

    Beautiful aquarium and fish video. Really enjoyed it!

  23. Great quality for “just” a IPhone. Love these marine fish, never knew they could be kept in a colony, well done!

  24. I love your videos! You deserve more attention!

  25. Awesome little species spotlight. It's a beautiful video, stop apologising.

  26. anenome

  27. Glad you enjoyed that display at the Seattle Aquarium – see you at AGA.

  28. Brian's Fish Tanks

    great footage!

  29. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed watching!