Maya Devir Original Character Design

A sneak peek to chapter 3 in our new , where we teach the basics of character design.
In the video – Maya’s authentic and hilarious response when she sees her original character design from 5 years ago.
Maya’s original character will appear in the course with many more exclusive and cool lessons, so hurry up and sign up!!!

PRE-ORDER until August 9th:


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  1. I wanna to see! Show!

  2. LOL! chants Show it! Show it! Show it! 🙂

  3. Gravity ….zero gravity

  4. Ok now we HAVE to see it! We are so sorry Maya but this is now going to have to be shown or it will eat at all of us collectively lol.

  5. Can I speak in hebrew?
    אני לא יכול לחכות עד
    !שהשיעור יתחיל

    (google translate)

  6. It's always fun to watch how people react to a character you design for them. Maya obviously sees how far Yehuda has evolved as an artist… with some humor ?

  7. Now I want to see it!!! Please let us see it, Maya!

  8. I have to see the picture after her reaction.

  9. Maya's reaction is literally the gold of this ?? I'm very curious now

  10. Now I REALLY want to see that picture ?

  11. Hahaha ????? I really want to see now I'm so intrigued