6 Ways to Stylize your Projects on Dribbble (GET NOTICED!)

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— Today, I’m going to show you the various ways that you can stylize your dribbble thumbnails/previews in order to maximize your chances of hitting front page! Dribbble thumbnails have been a point of contention among some designers, because they feel these designs are made specifically for Dribbble — but remember, they’re just ways to feature a given project in a unique manner.

0:00 – Introduction
0:29 – An Awesome Offer
1:03 – The Plain Jane
1:34 – The White Space
3:00 – The Tilt Shift
3:59 – The Context
4:55 – The Chaos
6:42 – Closing

Here are the designers featured in this video:

1. The Plain Jane

2. The White Space

3. The Photoshop Layers

4. The Tilt Shift

5. The Context

6. The Chaos

Now, let’s get started!

#ui #ux #dribbble

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  1. Which style do you prefer?!

  2. is there any problem if we do these dribble in figma itself

  3. Dribbble is trash UX parade.

  4. So what do you do when the the dribble thumbnail is actually cooler than the design itself? :))))

  5. Damn Gary stop flexing on us with those camera angles. Fr tho, love the new studio so far ?

  6. Made a video how to make them.

  7. Hey Gary, thanks for the video 🙂 Can you show us how to design thumbnails like these?

  8. Dribbble projects are a bloody UX car crash.

  9. Three – four shots and we're ready to start filming a new video? ?

  10. TIL they actually get hate for that, to me these thumbnails are the same as YouTube thumbs. They somehow need to stand out and attract ppls to click on it. Nothing new?

  11. Hey, don't you think quality of your content is going down? Things aren't useful as much as it use to be like 1 year ago… I might be super wrong but maybe give it a thought..

  12. This channel is slowly fading to be a design first YouTube channel rather than a frontend development + design channel.

  13. Kinda sad you missed the super woman flying across on 4:30 🙁

  14. If possible make video on how to present our design on dribbble

  15. Wow, amazing background

  16. The tilt and Photoshop factually I like all of this with you.????

  17. i like 4:20
    is like a wallpaper behind an show relation to the app

  18. love the production quality!

  19. Yo Gary if this is the new studio i love it! But one thing….i think the neon logo in the background is a biiit brighter and distracting, but that may be just me!. Awesome work tho, keep it up!

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