Watch: England fans attack Italy supporters after Euro 2020 loss; shocking violence, racism

won the Euro 2020 by beating 3-2 on penalties on Sunday. The defeat however didn’t do down well with English fans who attacked fans of Italy after the match ended. Reports of racial abuse and physical violence against Italian fans by English fans also emerged. Not just supporters of team Italy, England team’s mixed race players were also subject to racial abuse. Prime Minister Boris Johnson & FA condemned the violence & racial abuse against the England players. Watch the full video for more details.

#EnglandFans #EuroCup2020


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  1. I feel sorry for the genuine English fans who get branded hooligans because of a few Troglodytes..

  2. English fans have no sportsmanship at all

  3. Fake news; get your facts right; in the stadium they were paying fans trying to help stewards prevent unpaying thugs breaking in; those that did wrecked it for many spectators and took peoples seats and blocked the disabled area.

  4. Just think…instead of ITALY….if INDIAN fan is there…?
    What will happen…?
    200 saal ka badla…nikal leta sab?????

  5. so many people and no one is helping ?wtf england

  6. What a bunch of inbred sore losers

  7. England loses cup and they loses the respect of every football fan across the world

  8. Tanto a Roma una volta venite

  9. That's what happened when you place bottles of beer and Coca-Cola on the table claiming they're the sponsors. those drunk English fans should be brought to justice

  10. So shameful of Britishers
    They will never change

  11. Look how tough those English guys are, 4 or 5 of them can beat up on one kid, that's how tough they are.

    Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. You stay classy, England.

  12. nah i‘m not gonna support england anymore after this

  13. Liars
    The fighting in the stadium was england fans attacking .the ones who broke in. And didn't play. Fact

  14. I remember Russia attacking English fans!

  15. Ah England. The America of Europe.

  16. Coz of these sitty fans England can never win any big trophy after 1966

  17. Ban england from world cup 2022…

  18. It's going Rome!! It's going Roooooomee!! ???

  19. ITALIA NR 1??????? seeing this england did not even deserve the finals haha fuck the english supporters