Violence & Racist Abuse of Players: Outrage Over England Fans’ Actions After Euro 2020 Final Loss

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  1. La rabbia di un popolo che non merita freud e non merita Shakespeare

  2. The racial abuse is terrible…but I think the top brass will use it to smoke screen the loss of the final and the acts of violence through out the country….bad losser's….but thanks for the great laugh from ????????????????????????????????

  3. English people kicking italians as they lost the match, but there player were not able to kick well though! I wanted to say it was good game by England but you guys dont deserve any fucking compliments.

  4. Should all be ashamed of yourselves, absolute vile human beings

  5. England don't deserve a big tournaments they can't control people the police was absolutely impotent

  6. The British Civilised people.

  7. Racist last 3 tmes
    – Vs rusia, done
    -Vs croatia, done
    -Vs italy, done
    -Vs ?

    (Rusia, croatia,italy) :
    "Lets barbecue at my house, honey"

  8. This is why England are hated

  9. Just a bunch of uncivilized losers

  10. If you want to win, England, learn how to respect others! Your overconfidence and arrogance disgusted everyone, and I'm extremely happy that Italy won.

  11. Same as their rude and unruly England team… This is why entire world wanted Italy to win?

  12. I'll think you'll find Italian football has a bigger racism problem than English football this was just a couple of stupid uneducated idiots or a deliberate act to force more of this CRT upon us..and I can't believe the coverage of a few tweets has got so much press it's been blown way out of proportion.

  13. If it was India vs pakistan nothing would happen to pakistan players or pakistan supporters. But you can expect something in place for Indian players. Their houses woupd be stoned.

  14. This is the bollox you get. When the social media of this country Hype and ramp up the fans.. In to a false belief that we are invincible.. When in truth.. We are fxxcking far from that.. We were beaten by the better team plain and fxxcking simple.. And I'm an Enand fan.. For many years.. Its all utter BS..

  15. Engish fans should probably be banned from buying tickets to go watch some games??

  16. BBC where are you darling ? ???

  17. England is a really bad venue for football finals very disrespectful audiences brutally barbaric and absolutely disgraceful behaviour. But If this behaviour happened to our countries they will called for " stop racism " huge deal

  18. Absolutely disgusting behaviour SMH! and to think i a Scotsman wanted England to win ffs they just cant help themselves and resorting to racially abusing our own players when they didnt get the win is unnacceptable, on another note, i like a little flutter on the football and yesterday was no diffirent i dont spend lots of money i just do it for a bit of fun while watching the games i had England to win 2-1 but when Italy scored i had 50p on Bonnuci to score anytime and won £8.50 i cashed out £3.90 for the 2-1 bet as italy looked more likely then i won £8 on a £4 bet at 1/1 due to Italy winning the trophy and i had Italy to win 3-2 on pens at 22/1 then i had a correct score double of 2-1 with 2 Brazillian games and cashed out £22.99 not long before 1 of the games went to 2-2 that was just a 50p bet so not too shabby ?? just under £65 for around a fiver ive also won a few hundred quid on own goals i had every own goal barr one in the tournament plus a few in the Copa Americana you get great prices for own goals the ive also had a few pens missed which are greatly priced too, ive stopped doing accums bc i always get beat by one single bets or in play is the way to go, excuse the rant ✌???‍♂️

  19. If this would have happened in Pakistan- India match , or for that matter any country other than North America or Europe…..every channel would have covered this like a strom.

  20. Bunch of savages,every country should beatt up english football fans when they visit another country

  21. England is by born a dominating Nation. They can't take defeating easily.

  22. What do expect from people who describe their barbaric colonialism as a civilisation-other-nations and a ‘white mans burden’

  23. English vs Spanish ?

    Spanish won ??

  24. England should be banned in the next world cup

  25. Respect to Italy from Pakistan.

  26. So British police say a full investigation is being launched on these racist abuses…., that’s funny…., because the British police is the most racist institution in Britain. This is nothing more than damage control for Britain’s already poor and disgusting image, England does not belong in a civilised world, this horrible country has the worst record in brutal racism and colonialism.

  27. Looks good on England that they went down , now if only the royals could go down it would be a better world.

  28. English fans: whistle during other people's national anthems, make fun of a crying German girl, use lasers to annoy the opposing goalkeeper, declare themselves winners before playing (look at who he got that ridiculous tattoo), insult the players who took you to the final and reached the final thanks to a non-existent penalty, now this

  29. And still take a knee for Rasicm

  30. Bad to see such violent and mindless antisocial people. God bless brexit and i am absolutely in favor of shoveling the tunnel between civilized europe and this Island with cow dung and pig dung

  31. A tourney without English fans crying is not a tourney

  32. No wonder we're the most hated country in the world

  33. England ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  34. Most of the information is totally incorrect. No Italian friends were attacked disgracefully several hundred fans stormed the stewards and forced their way into the stadium without tickets other fans inside the ground attacked the people trying to get in that had not paid. This was all before the match not after

  35. They just don't deserve it ??

  36. This surprised a total of 0 people

  37. Welldone italy.england doesnt deserve any trophy.i wish they dont even qualify to the world cup.england fans is the problem of football.they have zero knowledge about football.poor england….

  38. Sickening to read comments from indians here. Hello? Your football is negligible…. dont meddle

  39. Italy is racist af too, so let them fuck up each other, if I was Saka, I wouldn’t play for Racists. But money makes you a slave if you don’t care for your dignity and self respect.