Ticketless fans rush Wembley Stadium security barriers at England vs Italy Euro 2020 final

DRAMATIC scenes unfolded as over-excited football fans rushed the barriers at Wembley just hours before England’s clash with Italy.

Ticketless England fans managed to jump the perimeter walls of Wembley Stadium ahead of the final.

The security breach was confirmed by officials shortly before half-time in the match against Italy.

Eager Three Lions supporters pushed past barricades as cops desperately tried to stop the wave of supporters.

Group of fans making a mad dash towards the and attempting to gain access to the stadium.

Some stadium staff claimed “hundreds” of supporters were involved in knocking down or climbing over perimeter fencing at about 5.30pm.

SunSport witnessed dozens of fans, including children, sprinting across the concourse at the lowest level of the stadium at the top of Wembley Way.

Police officers were called in to help find and eject the invaders.

Fan Gary Mason, a 23-year-old plasterer from Leytonstone, East London said: “It’s bedlam here.

“There are hundreds of fans without tickets trying the crash their way and police and security are struggling to cope.”

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Fans rush Wembley security barriers at stadium before being chased by stewards ahead of England vs Italy

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  1. Thugs so embarrassing, what a disgrace to England.

  2. Give the old mans money back now !!!!

  3. The man is not worried about his trashy society he is worried about his ticket money ?

  4. devil doesn't know whether to be happy or to feign indignation.

  5. Not surprised to say the least

  6. Two Karen’s!! Lol shut up

  7. Were was londons finest bobbys .welcome to the real unglang well done boris.

  8. The stewards can't risk their wellbeing with a frenzy of people. The authorities will have to learn and have more precautions for future events. You must take into account that the fans who gatecrashed probably tried to get tickets for the match and they were all sold out in advance. It is practically impossible for ordinary people these days to get to a final of any sport especially in their own country.

  9. What you was specting from the people..?? Certainly, is hard to Control or Stop this Biggest Crower of people.. Security Guard are not allowed to get into Confrontation and fights.. no at all.. Security Guard will lose their SIA Licence.

    Only Police has the right to do it, and by Law they are protected, but not Security Guard which our jobs involve Customer Service, rather than get into the fiscal contact with members of the publics..

    In another hands, and use common sense.. People has been under Lockdown for over a years.. Unable to go out or attend at none Show or Spectacles.. So can your people share the feeling.. And to pay for the lowest Ticket is £ 90 which Government should help and provide compensation as Tax payable money, like Royal Family get compensated from Government with all their events.
    Poor people need distractions and have fun as well.. ??????????

  10. Hooligans ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. I’m gutted we didn’t win but you know what I’m actually glad we lost! What a load of scumbags we are! Can’t show a decent side to the English people can we…? I hope we don’t get the World Cup after seeing what little football crackheads look like

  12. for those who believe in an afterlife where our beloved ones take care of us from above it is impossible to explain Argentina Championship against Brazil in the Maracana after 28 years of nothing and the next day ITALY Champion at WEMBLEY in front of the prince and all those dirty holligans that booed all the anthems without DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA being up there. GRACIAS D10S!!

  13. Respect indian & pakistan fans. They have more discipline than them during Cricket match.

  14. English fans always act like this until they come to Turkey ??, then we show them who is boss.

  15. An argument for why sitting safely and comfortably at home in front of the TV with the benefit of expert commentary and slow motion replays is the better proposition.

  16. country of hooligans ………. glad Italy won

  17. Thought England was better than this ??

  18. Thank God, Italy won that match

  19. Whatever happened to good sportsmanship?

  20. 1:56 Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine. Moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan. There was plenty of room.

  21. it's came home! But our home!⭐⭐??⭐⭐

  22. Name and shame these morons. If you were one of these bell-ends hold your head in shame ?

  23. Hahaha. A return to the 90s. CLASS!

  24. England ကို world cup ဝင်ခွင့်ပိတ်ပိင်ပါ

  25. Lmaoo all that acting up for nothing still lost

  26. Most off them didn't look english

  27. And heavily-clad police nowhere … The British are just different. UEFA should bear the consequences for an absolutely messed up tournament.


  29. This is the nation of gentlemen

  30. English yobs again. Football always seems to attract the hooligans.

  31. Like that zombie flick walking dead is it?