ITALY vs ENGLAND – Penalty Shootout – Final EURO 2020 HD – PES 2021

This is a video game of the football game eFootball PES 2021 (Pro Evolution Soccer). With fantastic graphics and realistic mod additions, making it the most real football simulation game. This is just a match prediction and for entertainment purposes only.
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PES 2021 Italy vs England – Epic Final EURO 2021


#Euro2020 #Euro2020Final #ItalyEngland


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  1. England – comment

    Italy – Like

    Lets Go

  2. Hilarious to see you earned million of views

  3. Жакшыго ойноп монтаждап кыйналбай эле миллион ашык болуп кетиптир коргондор

  4. This is not good becase ITALY WIN noob you dont now how to do it!

  5. Multiculti and wokeness literally sank England. This is poetic.

  6. One good reason why we should never ever take part in events like this when you have the type of Hooligans that we have in this country as supporters sheer vandalism in Leicester square bottles thrown Windows Broken fighting in the streets and people injured and taken to hospital along with Police Officer trying to maintain order where there was none, an example should be made of any and all who were arrested last night and I do not mean a slap on the wrist like what courts have been dishing out here in the UK I mean a long and hefty sentence of years and not weeks or months but again with a pitiful justice system we have in this country now, people are getting away with Murder like the prime example recently of those Gypsy Travellers and the Murder of a Police Officer a prime example of a pitiful justice, where have the Judges of the times that sentenced the Krays and the Great Train Robbers gone makes you wonder of what is corrupt in this country the Police authorities or the CPS and Judges

  7. Hahahhahaha i got bamboooozleddd

  8. Failure breeds imagination.

  9. New Trauma for England! ?

  10. hahaha ridiculous, would you like it? but in reality it didn't happen like that .. ?‍♂️ ??

  11. Italy for the win!!!! In our country Italy won

  12. Aspettate altri 60 anni per vincere ,????????? alla cuccia forza Italia,?????????????? campioni d'Europa muti e rassegnati..

  13. I thought it was real for first 2 minutes. Amazing graphics.

  14. The evil team has lost.
    Congrats Italy!!!
    Please tell Sterling not to dive so much, please. He's enough good player not to abuse diving every fucking time
    he take the ball.
    Happy to see Italy winning england, too much help from referees, 6 of 7 matches in London.
    Italy teach manners to england. WELL DONE.
    And the images of english fans beating italians, after the match, like a crowd of hyenas has been shamefull in a show of how english fans react
    when losing against a far much better team than they. Fairplay they said. Va fanculo!!!
    As Julis Caesar once said: VINI VIDI VINCI.

  15. Ошондо фудбол келип пубж кеттиби я?

  16. england lost cause the middle shooter in shootout

  17. Hahaha go home ….ing ?

  18. This is fake Italy ?? actually won so unsubscribe everyone this is fake

  19. How many are realise this is real euro 2021 match… ??

  20. Don't make wrong infomation

  21. ????????????????????COMING TO ROME ??????