Euro 2020: Italy crowned European champions, again

Italy have beaten England to win ’s European championship for the first time since 1968.
The final in London reached a 1-1 draw, even after extra time.
It was Italy who then held their nerve, triumphing 3-2 in the penalty shoot-out.

’s Andy Richardson reports.

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  1. Greatest moment of my life. Even though I'm a German fan

  2. Italy without spinazola and chiesa for a portion and still pull out wins over Spain and England back to back. Respect ?

  3. Congratulations ? ? ? AZZURRI ??

    Nothing new, some savage English ?? fans are some of the worst fans in the world?

  4. Those stupid England even they don't deserve final

  5. so England Lost because of 3 Africans, got it

  6. Well done Italy ! You deserve it , Poor England

  7. Argentina & Italy won, I can take breath now

  8. England is cursed by Madonna's hand

  9. 2 Blacks 2 Miss
    Black community in White Land: ?

  10. Show the aftermath of the streets of London. English hooligan thugs destroyed their own communities OVER FOOTBALL, but they want to complain when ppl protest against anti-black racism and police brutality/murder.

    1 people is angry over the murder of people. The other group is destroying things because they lost a match. Who are the real thugs? Why isn't the media showing that?

  11. ITS COME ROME, ITS COME ROME… ????????


  13. Italy were the better team…..
    They were caught napping at the start but they came back strong…….
    Italy have the quality and the pedigree…..

  14. England ???????: “It’s coming home”.

    Italy ??: “But every roads lead to Rome”.

  15. Deserved! The Italians played the best football … Bravo

  16. Wow the dont have covid anymore look at that crowd

  17. Thank God for Italy ?? Even though I supported Denmark ?? from the start! I'm now happy that Britain one more year/ 55 years without a victory ✌?

  18. Finally England fans come back from Wembley with PAIN and TEARS

  19. When SAKA starts…WAKA…WAKA…

  20. 'security breach' they said, allowing thousands more in, hoping to have enough support for a win.
    UEFA should consider banning England from organising matches for some time.

  21. Oh. Thanks Italy. We are saved from nasty propaganda of British media. Thanks my LORD.

  22. There were a lot of great teams in this Pandemic-tainted Euro, and the Best Team did indeed win. Life is back to normal.

  23. easy route to final, play 6 including final at their home, trying to stop italian suporter from coming to wembley aaaanddd still lose. LOL. what a clown

  24. Italy wins both european contest in this year. Eurovision and Euro 2020

  25. Everyone plays football, and Italy always wins on the penalty…?? Gongrats to Italy!

  26. football coming Rome

  27. Thanks to Italy for save us for pollution noise ??

  28. Chelini choking to little boy will be always remain ??????????????very funny

  29. breaking news: Queen will steal this cup like they steal everything from the countries they occupied.theif england dont deserve to b winner

  30. Don't care much about who wins… As long as England loses

  31. After match England fans abused and racist comments on Italy fans??..

  32. I was supporting Italy

  33. When l saw this news,l almost choked out my breakfast

  34. Forza Azzurri!!
    Notice BLM missed their penalty shots.

    British Legs Missed

  35. Why is it “Euro 2020”? Is it because of Covid or something? I’m confused.

  36. Pain goes straight to the London ?

  37. Lesson of Euro 2020: Never ever take a knee or support r adicals B L M.

  38. It was so close, and I was ready for an Italian loss, as a team Italy fan.
    But, if there was any team I'd prefer to lose to, England is my best choice.
    I imagine the feeling is mutual for many English supporters.