Euro 2020: Italy crowned European champions, again


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Italy have beaten England to win football’s European championship for the first time since 1968.
The final in London reached a 1-1 draw, even after extra time.
It was Italy who then held their nerve, triumphing 3-2 in the penalty shoot-out.

Al Jazeera’s Andy Richardson reports.

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  1. Show the aftermath of the streets of London. English hooligan thugs destroyed their own communities OVER FOOTBALL, but they want to complain when ppl protest against anti-black racism and police brutality/murder.

    1 people is angry over the murder of people. The other group is destroying things because they lost a match. Who are the real thugs? Why isn't the media showing that?

  2. Thank God for Italy 🇮🇹 Even though I supported Denmark 🇩🇰 from the start! I'm now happy that Britain one more year/ 55 years without a victory ✌🏻

  3. 'security breach' they said, allowing thousands more in, hoping to have enough support for a win.
    UEFA should consider banning England from organising matches for some time.

  4. easy route to final, play 6 including final at their home, trying to stop italian suporter from coming to wembley aaaanddd still lose. LOL. what a clown

  5. It was so close, and I was ready for an Italian loss, as a team Italy fan.
    But, if there was any team I'd prefer to lose to, England is my best choice.
    I imagine the feeling is mutual for many English supporters.

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