EURO 2020 FINAL PREVIEW: Natalie Sawyer & Tony Cascarino preview England V Italy tomorrow evening

Natalie Sawyer & Tony Cascarino preview England V Italy tomorrow evening

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  1. The world is happy England lost, scumbags booing other nations


  3. When your secret weapon is Jack Grealish… you know you're f*****.

  4. All 3 non European players missed their penalties for England. Diversity is not our strength.

  5. It’s coming to Rome!

  6. Italy ?? is the best????

  7. Sterling to fallover. 1 nil to England

  8. Big Cass as an attacker I’m really disappointed in your selection your ‘ old School English ! We have the ability to scare the life out of the Italians with our young midfielders and attackers. We should let them worry about Us, not Us about them! ???

  9. My man sounds like he's wingehin she threw him off with that defensive question, she tarted to feel sorry for him man sounded like he was gonna cry

  10. It's going Rome, not coming home.

    I am not Italian but I love Italia.

    Forza Azzurri. Now go get those lions, paper lions.

  11. Some insights into Declan Rice’s IQ; ???

    “This is life on the line stuff”

    “The midfield will be key and everywhere on the pitch will be key”

  12. Anything can happen, but except for Kane, Italy are man for man stronger. England have some younger faster players but they don't have better footballers. If England have any chance of winning it'll have to be in the first 30. If the game goes to extra time even a tired but more seasoned Italy will outfox a naïve England. If it goes to pens England are screwed.

  13. Italy ageing this could be very close or could be very similar too when England played Germany in 2010 when a top nation came against a lightning quick youngish team don’t get me wrong won’t be 4-1 or 4-2! Like 2010 game but at some point England are gonna hammer some team 3-0 up after 20 mins against Spain they were shell shocked let’s hope for something similar

  14. England had easy group, faced easy knock out teams, most of their games played at home, and had refs on their side. Everything was planned out for them.
    Only the English fans are oblivious to this agenda.

  15. Natalie needs to get those big heavy cans out if England win.

  16. Tomorrow's game is all about the battle of midfield, whoever wins the battle of midfield wins the game. England can't play out from the back because of Pickford so they have to come up an alternative plan otherwise England will be in major trouble.

  17. I said 2 weeks ago that Italy will win and unfortunately I’m right.

  18. is sterling playing or with the English diving team

  19. Let’s face England is going to follow tradition and choke
    Italy has 4 stairs on their shirt, England has three kittens

  20. It’ll be a midfield battle . The winner will be down to set pieces . Have to make the most of half chances . Rice to score the winner with a header inside the box or a 30ftr from outside the box . England 2 0 .

  21. Just know this, you mess with this island you sow your fate, we are humorous stubborn mad but divine & will come for revenge if you step on our toes, we have made mistakes but we never invaded you , you did us, we sent you packing 1st time so we know your not invincible but you came back, so this time its a case of sending you home to Rome so our people can unite in peace.
    We will fight & run ourselves into the ground if need be & we will never give up, we will earn our rights through determination & will not back down to you, we will rise above the fear that will give us added venom, we are a United Kingdom & we will be there at the end of the road

  22. IMO it will come down to matching focus, movement/energy and moving quickly from defence to attack. I would love to see Sako and Grealish on opposite wings to stretch them.

  23. England as you said are not as Gelled as Italy, why do commentators make cases that this dude won a trophy for PSG that dude is crowned this and that, look at France! Superstars dont win it's a solid team which Italia possesses. Tell me why is englands subs better, let's start with Pessina 2 goals …..who from england puts balls in the net and once again, against what weak team leading up to the finals? England are clearly facing a much tougher battle than italia. In the end anything can happen but I say 2-1 Italy like in 2014 when sterling did not score against chiellini (think it was sturridge back then), stop comparing club achievements. How is messi doing on world class level?

  24. We can never under estimate Italy so go into this game and be prepared for the unexpected, it's a clash of the in form 2sidesof the tournament

  25. Tony secretly gassed on whoever wins coz he’s got Italian routes but he was born here loool

  26. R.i.p Paul mariner died at 68 today ,ex England player in the 80,s,what a better way for England to win and pay respects to him and his family

  27. I think everyone said Spain was the better team but I think that is cuz spinzola is injured. Because they looked a different team the whole tournament until they lost him. I know I spelt his name wrong.

  28. England is favourite to win. But I go for Italy. If sterling is not selfish England will win.

  29. Plan 2 food water control LAND overbuild populate gm destroy poison already going on water poison destroy uk water already done excess chem in drinking water the cause of many health disorders stand up before its to late lots of evil plans going on

  30. england where the favorites To win the euros according to Bets at the start of the tournament, france where second favorites!

  31. For anybody interested, I have also done my own Preview for the final!

  32. England are favorites!

  33. You defense has to be stronger than your attack.

  34. Saka is not good. We need sterling, kane and Sancho in the front 3

  35. It feels like England Vs the rest of Europe and the other home nations.

  36. In all seriousness if we do win it (or even not) I hope we stop with all this 'its coming home' BS. It was great in 96 when we hosted but its getting a bit long in the tooth now and quite honestly irritating as fk. Plus other countries really dont understand the sentiment of the song and it seems to just wind them up.

  37. Henderson Rice and Phillips in midfield, shut up Cascarino, how the hell do these people get jobs on talksport ?

  38. I remember how things went the last time England were favourites in a final against a former World champion nation that were going through a rough patch