ENGLAND vs ITALY – Final EURO 2020 – Full Match – All Goals HD – PES 2021

This is a video game of the football game eFootball PES 2021 (Pro Evolution Soccer). With fantastic graphics and realistic mod additions, making it the most real football simulation game. This is just a match prediction and for entertainment purposes only.
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PES 2021 Italy vs England – Epic Final EURO 2021


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  1. England – comment
    Italy – Like
    Lets Go

  2. for those who believe in an afterlife where our beloved ones take care of us from above it is impossible to explain Argentina Championship against Brazil in the Maracana after 28 years of nothing and the next day ITALY Champion at WEMBLEY in front of the prince and all those dirty holligans that booed all the anthems without DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA being up there. GRACIAS D10S!!

  3. I love it Italy pure class England 3 cats go home

  4. Saluti di affetto e stima dalla terra dell'Iraq, ero felice per l'Italia, una bella partita, una prestazione più che splendida. Il portiere è il campione indiscusso della partita. Tutti hanno fatto quello che meritavano, e hanno fatto fatica, il frutto della fatica Saluti d'amore a voi dalla terra dell'Iraq, Mesopotamia

  5. Congratulations Italy ?? and remember 99% of England fans aren't racists ticketless thugs. Can't wait for Qatar ?????????????????????

  6. Instead of England taking the Knee, They should have Stood tall, like men with self-respect, not crouching cowards..

  7. Do people even realize that it's a video game

  8. england will be back, 10x stronger dont you worry

  9. You whistled the hymn of Mameli …
    You spit on our flag …
    You played perched, in defense of a lucky and miserable advantage.
    You lost on the field of your home.
    You took off the 2nd place medal demonstrating that you don't know what sportsmanship is …
    You left the stadium before Italy raised the cup …
    Drive left, use miles and pounds …
    In short, you have a little to do with Europe …
    The Europeans are right that the Europeans win. ?⚽️??
    Bye bye

    Christian De Sica

  10. Where are songs….that were going to play????

  11. Which game was that ?

  12. Anyone want to buy a rifle from the the last world war,made in italy,never fired only dropped once??????

  13. England manager fucked up the line up…midfield dead …where is Greilish

  14. ایتالیا دمتون گرم?

  15. Well done Italy feel gutted for Gareth and the lads. This young talented England team mustn't end up in a foreign coach hands. Please stay Gareth beyond 2022

  16. Well done Italy from Ireland ????

  17. Southgate is a disgrace to England. To have the best football player in the world and to keep him on the bench – all tournament. This reminds me of the 2006 World Cup and Leo Messi … You play at home, at Wembley and in 120 minutes you had… 1 shot on target?? !!! Boring, cowardly, degraded, outdated England. With all this potential, with all these ingenious players – was that the best Southgate could come up with? Italy, which swore in catenaccio – now plays modern, plays exciting … Spain, Belgium, Denmark – these are the leading football powers in Europe. And they all play offensively, they play excitingly. And England goes back in time..England reached the final …. And what ?? Was that the goal – with ugly and degraded football to reach the final and there to park the bus in front of the gate and keep Grilish, the best football player in the world at the moment on the bench for 100 minutes. to finally let him go for 15 minutes in a desperate attempt to save someone's a…. And what about the choice of performers on penalties? How is it possible?To let 2 players perform penalties, which you humiliated the whole championship, and to leave a 19-20-year-old boy for the last one… I love England – but Southgate isn`t a solution for this great football nation

  18. Амииий братан просмотырлар кантет кут болсун 1миллион 200 мин просмотр

  19. If u are english stop bullying italians

  20. If u are english stop bullying italians

  21. If u are english stop bullying italians

  22. If u are english stop bullying italians

  23. If u are english stop bullying italians

  24. If u are english stop bullying italians

  25. If u are english stop bullying italians

  26. If u are english stop bullying italians

  27. If u are english stop bullying italians

  28. Congratulations Italy,from all the Irish people who live under British occupation, well done,tiocfaidh ar la ????

  29. Fake Fake its a game dumb idont

  30. Great England team made by Southgate. Their golden generations are just starting here at Euro 2020 final. Go on Southgate. Many loves! Italians have no other choice than dying to get trophies and make their country known for it. England are the one who Football loveable, entertainment and industry. They can't be everything.

  31. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol lol lol lol !!!!!!!!!!! well done Italy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. S

    England dosen't deserve the second place ! Very low sporting moral ! They took off their medals !! wtf!

  33. Which match is this? italy scored 1st :O

  34. Sterling score:
    0 shots
    0 goals
    4 dives (4 attempted, 0 belived)