ENGLAND v DENMARK | UEFA Euro 2020 Semi Final | Wembley London

UEFA Euro 2020 semi final matches – England vs Denmark at Wembley stadium London.

#EnglandDenmark at #Wembley in #Euro2020 realistic gameplay

Euro 2020/2021 Playlist:

This is a video game of the football game eFootball PES 2021 (Pro Evolution Soccer). With fantastic graphics and realistic mod additions, making it the most real football simulation game. This is just a match prediction and for entertainment purposes only.
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  1. Sterling is running like a lady. VAR is useless.

  2. now that you are also going to steal the final from Italy, cowardly thieves and pirates

  3. There were two balls on the field before the episode where penalty assigned, the match should have been stopped. All matches except one took place in England, while Wales played in other countries (so did other teams as well). Looks like "masters of the World" decided to get the Cap with no honour and self respect.

  4. And OSCAR winner is::new movie actor Raheem Sterling in his movie::How Sterling slips on penalty area???

  5. The first goal was great. But then England cheated by a fake Foul on 2nd goal. So it really let the game flop. I think if they cheat again with Italy they should be disqualified from the match. Denmark won that fair and square

  6. People seem to forget that Denmark had a much tougher quarterfinal than England and furthermore played 10 against 11 the last 15 minutes due to Jensen injury.

    England deserved the win though.

  7. Everyone at the football stadium is healthy. And the COV-ID (Certificate Of Vaccination ID) is fiction.

  8. i hope Italy will win the title, in fact anybody else than Sterling and England.

  9. What the hell is this and what's the point?

  10. This is not the Euro 2020 semi-final

  11. Bring back Luis Nani 2022 world cup ?

  12. Bravo England … Harry Kane – Bradford team

  13. congrats to england for their 5th game at wembley out of 6 with an english referee and supporters from outside the UK stopped for sanitary reasons.
    Hope italy can end this farce. I hope the english won't dig out their goalpost for sanitary reasons on the finals at… WEMBLEY again. Nice penalty btw mr referee, mr sterling 10/10 not sus.

  14. Only italy ? from iran????

  15. Don't need your bloody name on the screen. Thumbs down. WTG England!

  16. you must be ashamed for winning with a stolen penalty

  17. England pirates robbers stealers

  18. Англия больше заслужила победу, но сцуко не таким способом! Пусть 3-2 бы выиграли или по серии пенальти ну не так ведь! На ВАРе Борис Джонсон сидел или королева!? Что происходит вообще , люди добрые!? Уже и бывшие футболисты Англии пишут что пеналя не было!

  19. Black dives matter ?

  20. Video review was supposed to eliminate errors, not reinforce them.

  21. bedroom fantasy robo-rubbish

    Had it been Denmark in the same situation, it would NEVER have been convicted!

  23. I am so happy England won but I think we should have played better but hey that’s just my opinion