ENGLAND Bottled It! ITALY EURO 2020 Champions GOLDBRIDGE Reacts

bottle the Final as Italy are crowned deserved champions. Goldbridge reacts to a humbling loss.

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  1. welll said. They bottle it. The players took the penalties with fear…..Pickford did everything a Keeper should do on the big stage but was let down by the team.

  2. England lost the moment Southgate decided to play 5 at the back

  3. Penalties are a coin toss is what it is somebody had to fail to score!

  4. Spot on Mark… Come on Liverpool.

  5. Just take me back to that goal by Shaw before the pain

  6. Its coming rome its coming rome. Well at least England made the best meme of 2021

  7. Why the hell did Southgate compare the Germany match with WWII?

  8. no actually bouncci should had got ac red card bcz of grottling kasa

  9. "Worst penalty shootout" That says it all.

  10. Continually picking a team without a creative force in midfield is no way to win a tournament

  11. Football came Home but in Rome. Haha
    Serves right for both English player and Fans after thier antics against Dans.
    Now point your laser and dive . Lol

  12. Kane was just jogging on the field… Thats not what you wait from a player that magnitude…

  13. Italy played attacking football throughout the entire tournament
    and therefore deserved to win the trophy.
    England need to ditch their 2 holding midfielders and be a bit more attacking
    if they want to win in Qatar – it's doable with all the talent they have.
    Imagine this team: 4-1-2-3
    Henderson Grealish
    Sancho Kane Sterling
    Much more attacking and balanced

  14. Southgate bottled it ..

  15. No disrespect to Iceland, but we are like an improved version of them. That's down to the Manager as we had the players and formations used in champions League and Prem. We just did not Implent them.

  16. So true we Bottled it. Southgate way way to negative. Even if we had won, I would not be as proud as I am of the manager and players of Italia 90 because you have to play football and not abuse the beautiful game with awful dour play. That comes from Gareth, I'm not a fan of that dribble tactics. I'd rather have a go and lose than lose by such an embarrassing display of so called football

  17. Well I'm more of the opinion that England didn't bottle it but Italy won it. Italy outplayed England in almost every statistic. Italy had more Possession(66 -34), shots(19 – 6), shots on target(6 – 2), number of passes(820 – 426), pass accuracy(88% – 74%) I could go on. Looking at these statistics you wouldn't say it was as close as it was.

  18. Both Kane and Sterling were poor in this game

  19. Why not use the substitutes earlier

  20. Negative play except for the 1st 15 mins

  21. Grown man calling kids bottle jobs. Grow up.

  22. Mark we all appreciate ur enthusiasm in supporting ur team, but the way English fans reacted for loss and the way they behaved throughout this tournament is a disgrace to this beautiful game.

  23. Gareth Southgate was out manoeuvred by Mancini,he should of brought grealish and sahka in much earlier than he did but he did and it's history

  24. Hey Mark Goldbridge if it makes you feel better, France lost the Euro Final in 2016 but when on to win the World Cup in 2018. So that means that England has the best chance in the World Cup next year

  25. Proofs again that you can't "practice" penalties.

  26. Rice and Philips together didn't work throughout the entire tournament. Did we really expect to dominate the middle of the park without midfielders that are comfortable on the ball?

  27. Italy saved football.
    England were trash.

  28. An arsenal an man utd player letting the nation down. It fits perfect with their clubs

  29. Don’t get it twisted I love England but the fans make me happy we lost today ?

  30. We played like we were happy to be in a final rather than deserved our place there. Very negative play considering the talent and depth we have in that squad

  31. The pubs in Ireland were celebrating like everyone was in Rome.