Denmark’s Euro 2020 run will be remembered as an incredible tournament – Laurens | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti and (The Gab & Juls show) reflect on Demark’s remarkable Euro 2020 run after their loss to England in the semifinals.

0:00 How Denmark managed to progress to the semifinals.
0:34 The impact injuries had on Denmark vs. England.
2:26 Was it just a step too far for Kasper Hjulmand’s side?

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  1. Yaa and you All injoy All the cheating in the game against us

  2. Absolutely. Especially, getting disrespected by opposing fans and getting booed while their national anthem is being played, eventhough they LITERALLY haven't done any harm to anyone.

  3. It should be remembered on how it ended. Shame on you UEFA

  4. Why sub off your two best attackers in Dolberg and Damsgaard when there's nothing wrong with them they looked plenty fit? Truth is Hjulmand followed the pattern he made when Poulsen was injured and Denmark lost their edge completely. And England pressed forward without fear because there was no threat anymore. Beginner's mistake by a rookie manager.

  5. England is mediocre at best. I am Dutch and I am ashamed of Makkelie's penalty decision. THIS WAS NEVER A PEN!!! What was the VAR doing here??? Sterling should perhaps have been carded even. The Danes were robbed of a penalty shootout, even when England was the better team in the end. How lucky and fixed can this tournament be? With England playing 6 out of 7 games at Wembley, and England playing the weakest of the weakest opponents ever on the road to the final. Ever, in the history of football. If England wins this EC, then UEFA and football, in general, should be ashamed and forget this ever happened. I root for the only good team in the final and I hope that they will waltz and then moonwalk over this England team that plays like a scared cat. FORZA ITALIA!!!

  6. Perhaps the greatest injustice in the history of the sport.

  7. The well-to-do interactive correspondingly force because france distinctively decide next a clammy orchid. nifty, unequaled bagel

  8. An half Byron Moreno , decide to go out Denmark !!!

  9. Why aren't you guys talking about the dive of sterling.
    Such a shame. English team hope italy win the euros.

  10. Italy will have more supporters this final than they ever had…

  11. Eriksen : crying in hidden

  12. Germany want to know FA, UEFA & FIFA location since they can beat England in world cup & euro cup

  13. We all knew England would win, but the way they did it… Zero humility, 100 diving.

  14. I hope england loses because they cheated

  15. 0:30 Left: Baku to London is a shorter trip than Rome to London.
    Right: Yeah.

  16. Going to enjoy a cheese Danish and a cup of Spanish tea on Saturday ….

  17. Until the referee decided to send them home

  18. Personally I think Denmark was robbed on that Penalty kick! Crook! Watch out what you have done ✅

  19. Raheem will be remembered as a diver!

  20. Yeah they will be remembered for the dive and penalty given against them vs England..for sure

  21. Literally no one outside of Denmark will remember this by next year.

  22. England robbing other teams

  23. They just rob Denmark it wasn't a clear penalty England always get favor that's why it will never come by the grace of God is going to Rome instead

  24. Denmark really played well and were robbed in their game against England! The whole world saw the Sterling dive. UEFA was afraid that if the game went to penalties Schmichale would have smoked England!

  25. Not really they got battered by England

  26. Fifa have clarified that the Denmark goal shouldn't have counted as their players where too close to the free kick taker!

  27. Denmark got lucky in 1992 to enter the tournament and win after Yugoslavia was eliminated because of the war. SO, now, they were not so lucky. What goes around comes around.

  28. The best team won, but they did it in a rotten way, but they were still the best team.

    That said I really hope Italy utterly destroys them sunday. The english team does not deserve to win the gold after this dive-show. The english fans does not deserve gold after booing at our national anthem, harrasing our players with laser pens and spitting our fans at the stadium.

    Forza Azzurri, go Italy – fight for Europe on sunday, you are the only nation left worthy of the gold.

    Best Regards from Denmark

  29. Shame on England for playing 6/7 games at home, sending other teams thousand miles away to play, boooing the Danish national anthem and using laser on the Danes during the game and finally get the referee giving you a fake penalty !!! If you win the Euro the entire Europe will be laughing at your success. The story could have been so much more respectful. Shame on you !

  30. I had actually planned to cheer for England if they should beat Denmark, especially as you the founders of competitive football haven't won anything in such a long time. But the disrespect from fans, the constant diving and cheating of your players has changed my mind. I hope Italy destroys you.

  31. Jeg kan virkelig godt lide det danske hold, de er alle smukke, og på trods af at de alle oplevede stress i begyndelsen af mesterskabet, nåede de podiet. Jeg tror, at de vil have al den mad, træthed har påvirket dem,de vil træne, hvile og alt vil være fint med dem. Glædelig sejr til Danmark! Jeg elsker dig ! From Sankt-Petersburg ?

  32. Free penalty to England! Talk about that. Where's the bar? B.S! GO ITALIA!

  33. Denmark will remember this like England and the 96 tournament .

  34. Just a pity there up against the mighty English Diving team

  35. It will be remembered for the robbery as well. We’ll demolish you on Sunday, that’s what the whole cocky country deserves

  36. I hope Italy will win in Final against the THIEVES.

  37. Disgrace to football
    Never it was Penalty
    English fan showing Laser in eyes of Goalkeeper VAR was introduced to remove all impartialities not to support a National Team with Deluded fans
    This tournament has lost is Credibility i am not watching the final
    The biggest robbery in football
    Puppets of English Football and their money UEFA

  38. As a Dane, i'll hope Italy wins the final match. 🙂 See you again next year at the World Cup. 🙂

  39. Denmark will be remembered as screwed by the refferees. Mafia still rules soccer

  40. Sterling penalty was legit. Everyone is lookin at Jensen but the one who made contact was maehler. Clear penalty. Dumb tackle

  41. Hjulmand didn't say in danish interview his players ran out og gas. They were injured! The reason why we played only 10 players in the end. Big difference.

  42. Will be remembered… Mostly for the English fans,returning back to their stupidity..!!!

  43. denmark was swindled out of this tournament

  44. Sterling should change his name to Stealing