John Jensen came closest to breaking the deadlock as emergency stand-in contenders opened their EURO ’92 campaign with a 0-0 draw against .

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  1. Kasper was brilliant just like his father.

  2. Denmark always has eyes for Eriksen. Hope he doesnt dead.

  3. It’s a shame. Infamous penalty! ?Danemark

  4. And today England cheated their way to a win. Shame on Sterling!

  5. There were highlights to this dross??? Terrible game. And portents of Jensen almost scoring, then unleashing a howitzer two weeks later

  6. remove the strike from my channel please , otherwise I will lose years of work !

  7. It’s coming home ????????????????????????????

  8. please don't use the bts song at the opening of the euro final

  9. England never won the Euro but the trophee it's coming home? I hope Denmark will beat you, Spain and Italy are two great teams, they deserv to win it, England team is trash

  10. Tony Daley was a good player. One goal will decide this game today. Sterling 1 Denmark 0.

  11. England❤
    It's coming home??❣

  12. Denmark will give all it has for the eyes of Christian Eriksen

  13. england gk always a joke, but now we have pickford, i hope we won euro this time

  14. Denmark will win on penalties.

  15. Waiting for another Schmeichel world class performance tonight

  16. today England wiil go to the final but on penalties!

  17. England vs Denmark 4 – 0 !!
    England King of Europe!!

  18. Denmark ?? won euro 1992 England ??????? never won a euro ??

  19. Denmark have been our bogey side for years, but so have Germany and we beat them.

    COME ONE ENGLAND ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. Come on England ???????❗️

    Fans from ??

  21. Denmark: Won Euro 1992
    England: They never won the Euros until now

  22. This is going to be an interesting match: England have better players but Denmark are higher in terms of moral strength and determination.

  23. Well we all know how Euro 1992 ended ?

  24. ?? está a un paso de esos héroes