Euro Ace

The New Euro Ace from Garrett Garrett introduce the first trully European designed for how we want to use a machine in the UK and Europe


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  1. @andreiporfireanu You can of course use an Ace 350 in Europe but your display will only offer the same as the Ace 250, you won’t be able to discriminate as selectively as the EuroAce and if it goes wrong you will need to send back to USA as there are no spares for Ace 350’s in Europe.

  2. @2008VauxhallVectra AT Pro International is the better machine but it is also more expensive.

  3. What Detector is better!!! The Euro Ace Or the more Expensive AT Pro?
    cant yet decide.

  4. @moleman1961 No, the EuroAce is a completely new machine, higher frequency, different discrimination, totally different coil, brilliant detector !

  5. Is there Any difference in the electronics? I.e have they just stuck a different facia on the front, changed the coil and renamed the Ace 250? Thanks.