Ronaldo's bottle removing trend sweeps across Euro 2020 ??

UEFA have been forced to ask players to stop removing sponsor bottles from press conferences after a bottle-snatching trend started this week.

Ronaldo started the fashion at a pre-game news conference by hiding two Coca-Cola bottles and replacing them with a bottle of water.

Paul Pogba, who is Muslim and does not drink alcohol, objected to the distinctive green bottle of official Euro 2020 beer sponsor Heineken.

Next, Manuel Locatelli removed the same pair of Coca-Cola bottles away from the view of cameras in his post-match press conference.

A drop in Coca-Cola’s share price this week was attributed by some to Ronaldo’s snub, but there was no evidence the two were linked.

Since then, players and coaches from Euro 2020 have joined the trend of the tournament.

With Russia’s showing us exactly what he thought of it, who will be next to take on the trend?

Pictures: UEFA 2021

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  1. Maybe when the sponsors withdraw and the money stops flowing those spoilt brats might not be disrespectful then.

  2. i like to think cr7 was referring to gay's???

  3. Everyone knows what happens when you provoke Ronaldo, he comes back better, you have been warned.

  4. Don’t drink coke, drink water. Just make sure it’s water sold in a bottle for $3 instead of 4 cents per ounce at your house.

  5. I like the fact that the Russian manager didn't know, what Ronaldo did with those bottles.. He was just thirsty 😀

  6. I'm waiting for someone to remove the coke and put a crate of stella there

  7. Yarmo what a legend ?⚒️?

  8. Fit man: no coke drink ÁGUA
    Fat man: who cares ….
    Doctors: We think we onto something.

  9. pogba put the alcohol away he is muslim

  10. The Alpha (Cristiano)did what alphas do, promote health and fitness..
    Some of the others(Betas) like the Russian promote junk drinks..pathetic ..

  11. football is shitsport tho

  12. Funny thing is cola paid millions to have those bottles there ? so they’ve paid millions to loose billions

  13. Everyone sold their soul

  14. The title is misleading, its 2021. Remember the euros were cancelled

  15. "Who cares that he drinks water?"
    The stock market, apparently, does.

  16. It's not supposed to be a joke tho, that's why Ronaldos the best he lives the athlete lifestyle unlike most footballers

  17. And drinks like lucozade sport should be on table over hineken and coke

  18. I think coca cola must of presured fifa to get players to promote it more.

  19. It does remind of Russian transition to capitalism in some way

  20. And then told by UEFA not to move sponsored drinks… its not about the money right? The super league and all that…. its ok when UEFA and Fifa does it tho 🙂

  21. Is there not something going around saying if they get moved they get fined or something?

  22. God bless Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured me from HEPATITIS B with his effective herbal products. I will forever be grateful sir. You all can also contact him for help on any kind of disease on his YouTube channel

  23. Ronaldo could have scratched his balls and it would be trending

  24. Love how he politely tries to put the lid back on the glass coke bottle.. twice. It’s never going back on mate.

  25. Don’t wanna fat shame him but look at yourself. You keep on drinking coke, you will double in size. Have water guys! Much better than fizzy drinks

  26. He did it because he doesn’t support the atrocities that Coca Cola support in occupied Palestine

    But the media will obviously make it out to seem as like it’s a joke, maybe just maybe because they support the Zionist Israel apartheid state

  27. Best advert for Coke would be a fat bloke with one tooth shooting insulin in to his arm.

  28. I love Coke Zero. I've drunk it for years. ?

  29. Agua ?????????????️?

  30. Tottenham Hotspur are linked with a highly-rated, young Croatian manager called Sperr Zârshit. Big news if it goes ahead.

  31. Coke cola could of been clever by putting dasani water and abbey well water which they own them brands and heineken. Could of just created a newer label for their non alcoholic beer to make it look like the proper stuff.

  32. That Russian Manager said, "Who cares if he drink water?"
    Yes, Coca-Cola does!