[PES 2016] Patch PTE 5.3 Update (Euro 2016) : Download + Install

Hi 🙂 The Patch Update PTE 5.3 is released now for the Patch PTE 5.0 for the PES 2016 game. This Update is for the Euro 2016 (new kits and other features). Very Important: This is not a full patch , this is only an update for PTE Patch 5! So you must install first the PTE 5.0 on your PC then Install the PTE 5.2 Update! ( you can check my youtube videos below )

►Read new features added in PTE 5.3 :

► PTE 5.0 Video Turorial:

► PTE Update 5.2 Video Tuto:

►► Download Links for PTE 5.3 :

► How to Fix PES Not starting:

► How to Customize New Team Tutorial video:

*** P.S *** As you saw in the video, the new PTE 5.3 removed the Graphic Menu that i added the CPK file with Dpfile Program, we should wait for a new Dpfile Program by Baris for the new DLC 4.


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► PTE Team Blog website:


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– Special thanks to Brezinho, Ginda, everst9, mckagan22 & PES Arabia
– Special thanks to A. Hernandez for the Argentinian and Chilean kit pack
– Special thanks to “TEAM PES MX” and their creators, Donaldo Medina, xDark Mauri15x, Mindmaster & UBarreras for the LIGA BBVA Bancomer. Follow the “TEAM PES MX” quality work on their facebook page:


► Music Credits :

-1) Razihel – Love U [NCS Release]

* Video of the Music:

* To Follow Razihel

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  1. Do I need extract to patch 5.0 and 5.2?? Thanks bro

  2. it didnt worked on my pc.. it shows that it may be of other version can you say me what just happened?

  3. del choc how does idm works plz reply

  4. What the hell is PTE?

  5. Hello friend that possibility there , that think the country Aguila league Colombia ?, thanks

  6. why not work omg
    please help me owner

  7. It's better if I use IDM right ?

  8. hello!..after downloading this update my real madrid patch got removed ..why?

  9. Thanks man , u r the best , keep going 😉

  10. bro I have so many dummy players what do I do

  11. bonjour je n'y arrive toujours pas

  12. I already Instal pes 2016, but if i instal patch 5.0 just simple instal or what??

  13. all the zyppishare link 1-16 must to download? .. or just one?

  14. anyone please tell me how to download pes 2016?

  15. yo del ChocI have a problem bro I downloaded patch 5.2 and the new data pack4  of the game then after I downloaded and installed the 5.3 euro patch but then when I started the game it ddnt want to load the new update It gave me a message that the system data error it says that the data is of a different version and that I need to download new content and update the data but it worked before I installed 5.3 , please help bro:-(

  16. Do I need to have a pte patch 5.0 and 5.1 and 5.2 to do this patch 5.3

  17. I just download the game is this update works

  18. now i installed 5.4 now is working or what becuse i see 1.05 data 4.00?

  19. bro i use gameplay by yaku and it work only with data pack 3 what i should do now ?

  20. Bro.. If i don't install the data PACK 4.. Can i install the PTE Partch 5.3 ?

  21. Del Choc ı installed patch carefully but Colombia, America Minerio's kits are missing. What should ı do, please help.

  22. how to turn exclude pes file from antivirus

  23. ah great ! on the way to download.. thanks pte team ! thanks del choc ! 😀
    keep uploading 😀