Euro Truck Simulator 2 – COMPLICATED ROADS MAP MOD 1.2 – #1


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Part 2 is here!

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  1. how to install it plzzzz help meee

  2. Reckless driving and habitual picture taking makes video unenjoyable.

  3. I feel like a pro watching him at the beginning

  4. You know what I say, 'Never drink and drive' 😀

  5. There needs to be a Norfolk Map Mod for ETS2

  6. The exit sign is sam for spain

  7. Someone please help me, how can i get to play these games?

  8. Do you know when American truck is coming out?

  9. Damn. U cant even drive a car i think. Lol.

  10. Im sure its a lot easier with a wheel to back up.

  11. I think weighing stations are used to make sure nobody's in the back eating your euro goodies (insert mundane food here)

  12. Weighing stations in America is so u pay taxes as for as I know

  13. Looking forward to American Truck Sim so I can watch you playing that! 😀

  14. Hey dude, awesome vid' ! I really hope that you'll drive on all the map, looks great 🙂

  15. Make a video on how you installed it

  16. I downloaded this and it gave me a virus don't know why but it did

  17. @SirJambon 1:41 is that the whole map ?
    btw great vid as always

  18. The crashes do (rarely) happen on maps that are in development (or could be because of a mod conflict if you have multiple mods enabled), just restart the game and you should be OK. If it spawns you a way back just enable the dev console in ETS so you can teleport back >
    The teleport option is also easy if you crash or get stuck, you can just start over from where it went wrong 😉

    Also if you try new maps and need to create a new profile you can easily edit your level and money in order to be able to get your own truck and all trailers (long distance, fragile etc) enabled using cheat engine. If you want help or a edited profile for a certain map send me a message.

    As for map suggestions, you should definitely try ProMods when the new update is released and I'm currently enjoying The Dutch Map v1.1 which has some nicely detailed cities.

  19. Dude I love your video's and this map do more of it . 

  20. You should play scania driving simulator it is really difficult some of the roads you have to drive on are crazy

  21. Can you do more of this map if possible and do ets mods aswell

  22. @SirJambon what website did you get that mod from. I use

  23. We have weigh stations here in America. We also have like a sort of police type of people but they are for truck drivers and they're called the DOT and they're so annoying and troublesome. I hope they don't have them in American Truck Sim