England vs Scotland 0-0 Highlights & Goals | EURO 2020

#England #Scotland
England vs Scotland 0-0 Highlights & Goals | EURO 2020

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  1. It is wasting of your life and wasting of your mum to born you !

  2. what is the point in putting up a stupid video game?

  3. England Tactically inept

  4. What shower of shite

  5. Brilliant Scotland ???????????????

  6. ʜ?̛?̛́пɡ Ԁ?̂̃п Ð?̈пɡ ??́ ??̀? ?һо?̉п саѕ?по, с?́ Ð?̣̂ в?́пɡ Ð?́ оп|?пе ?у ?ίп пһ?̂́?. Т?̣̆пɡ ?һ?̛?̛̉пɡ с?̛̣с |?̛́п сһо с?́с ?һ?̀пһ ???̂п ??̛́? ??̣? : ?88???.???

  7. please correct the title

  8. What a fuck video were is the real video fuck who put this video

  9. It's been too long England be been playin defence as mid fielder,always played the most boring match when England play,

  10. Over paid,over rated players,.. yes men managers,..No passion,…and an FA that couldn't give a toss for the fans or if we ever win anything.. (Wankers )..

  11. This is a game, not real football. I don't know why recently so many fake football highlights with mentioned EURO 2021. The past matches reported again as recent highlights. We have to report these fake videos for not blinding our eyes on football news.

  12. People still believe England are potential tournament winners and are in tier 1 with teams like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Netherlands, no, they're in tier 2 with teams like Uruguay, Chile, USA, Wales, Poland, Mexico, Sweden and Denmark, there's a big gap between tier 1 and 2, they're bordering on being a potential tier 1 team but not quite there, that's about where they've always been and always will be.

  13. What a joke!! Just like seeing steve bruce managing this national team ??

  14. Enth pooradaa kunnee thayolii fake itt pattikana polayadi mone

  15. Please sancho in the next macth

  16. Why always Sterling ? Why ? Why ? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ? From Mancity to England, from Pep to Southgate ? Why always Sterlingggggggggggggggggggg

  17. Cant beat a farmers league pathetic isnt it

  18. Good league but poor national team. I will not support and watch england ever.

  19. mate it's not even funny do us a favor and just delete your channel ffs

  20. England’s training regime is 25% doing their hair, 25% telling each other to be strong and 50% deciding which knee to use ….

  21. I sometimes wonder whether the England team know which way up the pitch they are supposed to go as they seem to spend most of their time going sideways or backwards. Crap football !!

  22. Football comming home?overrated shit.

  23. Kane overrated…Sterling overrated…as an Englishman I wish Scotland and Wales all the best.

  24. I average game and people underestimating how good england is such a plastic fans

  25. When you realise this is not highlights its a game