Jack Wall Let's Play Euro Truck Simulator 2 Ep1 " New Career""

Euro 2 [ETS2] has proven to be quite an fun and somewhat addictive game that I use to relax after a tough day.

This is my Let’s play.
I am not using any mods at this stage but will note them if and when I do.

Comment by William Intemann below: “skip to 5:32 to see driving”

I found SCS Software Euro Truck Simulator 2 DEMO

I bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 from STEAM

I use Natural Point TRACK IR

I play with a Logitech G25 wheelset

Nguồn: https://multilifevn.com/

Xem thêm: https://multilifevn.com/category/giai-tri

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  1. i m from future, 418 episode, looks promising, will give it a go!

  2. I am from the future, and this series will have 300 episodes on content. all of it well worth watching.

  3. I am considering buying this and playing it. Tried the demo but I was seated in right seat and driving on left side of road (which is I know how I would actually be driving in Europe) . Question is how did you change it? Are you using a mod or is their different options available with full purchase of the game?

  4. … I took 20mins on my first attempt, and I used to drive trucks. 🙂

  5. and I have noticed a mistake in the title you have put let's and lets

  6. if you do online me and you should play after Christmas 2015 because I'm getting it on steam. best wishes take care jack

  7. Love the series. Can you use a controller with this game or only keyboard?

  8. Hello,Jack Wall.This is my first time seeing this video,it is very basic like your channel is,but it doesn't end there.

    What I suggest,is that you continue playing games and trying out new ones.

  9. @ hayden roberts; Cheers Hayden.

  10. Thanks I saw that one the other day but I think I am going to get the g27

  11. Hey Jack, I was wondering, what type of wheel do you use? I know you use a wheel because of how well you drive in this game. I have to ride down the center line so I don't wreck with my keyboard. 🙂

  12. Brillant and entertaining beginning.  I really enjoyed your commentary while exploring a new concept.

  13. Hi Jack, nice video. How did you start the game out with a truck of your own already?

  14. At last a simulator lets play in English

  15. Finally a lets play in English and not German

  16. Hey man, what goes on. I plan on watching this through.