Germany DESTROY Ronaldo | Portugal 2-4 Germany Highlight Show | Euro 2020

Portugal Germany Highlight Show | Euro 2020

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  1. "We can't just say some one had a good game because of one good moment." You use that statement to discredit Bernardo but excuse Bruno and Rashford for the exact same thing?.
    Rashford, against PSG, squandered something like 4 or 5 one-on-one opportunities and was poor all around but scored the winner. Terry had his hands in his pants for the man.
    Be consistent.

  2. I'm so glad we got kai havertz

  3. Havertz starting to prove himself now no more shy Havertz looks good for chelsea over the next few seasons

  4. Worse is going to happen to England against top level opposition.

  5. Fernandes has no patience same thing for United. Always trying some crazy first time ball even when the opposition have lots of defenders back. Works against unorganised teams not vs top teams.

  6. Germany destroyed Portugal not just Ronaldo ?

  7. I still remember when Terry said Bruno is better than KDB ????

  8. I think Germany will lose against hungary, remember they beat sweden in the WC then lost to south korea.

  9. Also.. please never compare Dias to VVD again. My man can't stay on his feet and scores for the opposition

  10. Will Bruno ever turn up in a big game ?

  11. The same thing your defending bruno lack of creativity is what you use to hammer firmino by labelling him as a defensive striker with no goals.

  12. When KJ speaks about football, it’s just vibes. Nothing else’s. If it ain’t vibes he isn’t involved

  13. Another big game where Bruno "Pen"andes went missing . It always makes me laugh when Man U fans try to convince me that this pen merchant is world class . Yet he always goes missing in big games. What's the matter Bruno are you pissed off because the refs have figured out that you are a diver?

  14. Havertz just put Canadian Cameron in the mud one more time and I love every minute of it

  15. gosens destroyed portugal lolz..

  16. Brudda football is a British sport of course it’s hard to play therr, of course it is.

  17. Dias better than VVD? ??????LMAOF

  18. it is very true…,,Real Madrid and Barcelona players could close their eyes and win 90% of La Liga games!

  19. Remember when Havertz scored the CL winner? Me too…