Euro Truck Driver 2018 #39 – Tired Driver! ?? – Android gameplay

2018 #39 – Tired Driver! ?? –
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Want to know what driving a real truck feels like? Euro Truck Driver – 2018 is the best truck simulator that allows you to experience next-gen graphics, awesome features and realistic trucking scenarios. This Euro Truck Simulator features many truck brands, with realistic engine sounds and detailed interiors! Drive across Europe, transport stuff from a city to another, explore the amazing Open World map! Become a professional truck driver and enjoy the Career and play with your friends in the Online Multiplayer mode!

Drive Across Europe, play the best European Truck Simulator!

• Euro Truck Brands
• Huge Open World Europe Map
• Desert, Snow, Mountain and Cities
• Realistic Controls (tilt steering, buttons or virtual steering wheel)
• Manual Transmission with H-Shifter and Clutch
• Accurate Engine Sounds
• Lots of trailers to transport
• Multiplayer Mode and Career Mode
• Visual and mechanical damage on vehicles
• Dynamic Weather System (snow, rain, sun…)
• Request new trucks or features on our Social Pages!


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