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  1. C,mon USA,,,,,,,kick em down ,,,,,

  2. Guys, please wear neck protect. Those upper cervical bones are tiny & average head weighs 16 pounds. Through those tiny bones goes your spinal column & you & your family's welfare. PLEASE don't risk it!

  3. Awesome channel! Still on the fence with that team fried means??

  4. Zacho was low key offended about his daughter saying he don’t like pie???

  5. We all know…. when riders are having fun they’re fast !!! These guys are having a blast !! Got a feeling they may redeem America !

  6. It's nice to not see Aldon Baker in this video kinda like like it's nice to not see Puffy in all his artist music videos dancing ? ??

  7. Why tf u choosing Anderson when he’s never even one a moto in motocross

  8. Nice vids, even an old fart like me likes it. You guys will do damage over there, looking good.

  9. Search for a 'Full English Breakfast' on google maps, you won't get 'fries' but you will get egg, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, toast. There should be places in Belgium and Germany that do it.

  10. From a Euro (UK), you don't have to beat Herlings, just everyone else. To succeed first you have to try. You guys are committing and that is more than half the battle. Jason already smoked everyone in Italy. Good luck Team Fried! (can't believe I am supporting Team USA, but I am 🙂 ).

  11. Osborne, honorary team fried boys. So great to see flying Huskys

  12. Had to cook up some bacon just to finish watching this. All the food talk made me hungry as a hostage.

  13. I have never heard of anyone having fries for breakfast???????

  14. The best sand riders are nearly always standing up on the pegs,??good luck USA Zach and Jason are great guys,hope you can get top five?

  15. Great to see the USA boys ???

  16. Is it me or does KP look just like Mr. Incredible…

  17. Good luck,I have a good feeling about this team.Thanks for posting.

  18. I like this track actually looks freaking awesome

  19. I bet Prado is gonna kick your ass in the sand

  20. Are those "little ones" Zack's kids? I love to see brand new potential, little kids figuring out the world more effectively, by human nature, than a average college graduate can do today. But sadly, most of that brand new potential gets sent to public school, and all that natural potential goes away. If you don't believe you have been sabotaged by public school, look at your own life. I think I will add, "Don't send your kids to public school.", to "Don't buy a Kawasaki.". 🙂

  21. I worry about the Tyler Enticknap syndrome. I don't see any other team posting vids of their vacation. The only other team vid I saw was treating the race like war. Sorry, I dig all 3 of our team members, all great talent and great people, so no offense please. I personally love to see the vids, but I strategically think it is better to get ready in seclusion, keeping distractions and information sharking to a minimum. Hannah thought he was going to loose in 87 at Unadilla for our first MXofN in the states, ("I know I am going to be the scapegoat, Wardy should race the 125, he is a 125 rider." Wardy wanted to ride the 500), when he got picked to race the 125cc bike, and he knew he had to train in seclusion to win his class. He did win his class.

  22. Ozzy man! Jeffery Herlings was the fastest man on the planet in the sand,—last year. 🙂

  23. Andersson! u crashed at 2,57 right xD. frontwheel wash away!

  24. Hahahaha was just about the comment about herlings before Osborne talked about it ?

  25. Team USA is going to get it done this year let's go boys

  26. Zach, and Jason are both looking fast. But as we've seen before, what we may consider to be fast in the states…the guys who race in the GP's are of a whole different breed. Best of luck in Des Nations Team USA, do us proud!

  27. Fire!!

    Don’t forget to practice starts!!

  28. Actually Jorge Prado will be the best 🙂

  29. Hey Guys!
    Go to Boxberg „Zum Wipfelgucker“.. and you‘ll have deep sand af!

  30. what about cooper?

  31. I love zacho… one the best riders ???

  32. A much better preparation than in past years but I cant help thinking rather than riding alone they would have been better off to pay a couple of really fast locals to ride with them.

  33. Hey I heard Jeffrey Herlings is the fastest sand rider on the earth…? educated at 4:10

  34. I honestly feel this team is going to change everything!!! So excited for this MXDN. Win or lose this is a team doing it like a team! Huge respect and thank you for representing America ??

  35. Let’s just hammer home boys we got this

  36. I think if we do are home work we will be definitely good

  37. I still feel like where gonna b ok

  38. Tomac can give hearlings a run for his money in the sand no ?

  39. Jason has such a juicy dad bod.

  40. If your eating egg sandwiches for breakfast in Europe, you're doing it wrong ?

  41. ….ahhhh early September & super early mornings in The Netherlands with no heuvos rancheros, bacon, or home fries,?

  42. There doing this so they dont get there ass whooped again

  43. Love Jason claiming PB's "Broken Yolk" (which is the OG Broken Yolk) is what he misses. It's PB itself people really miss. The Yolk is just a perk..C'mon back to PB after you guys win the nations I'll treat the at the Yolk or Taco Surf..✌?

  44. dude if we do good than great but its 3 dudes vs every other country in Europe not counting Canada and mexicooooooooo but they do fine as long as the euro. boys dont literally try and kill the USA riders by landing on them and i think they did it on purpose cu they have all the pressure but its not that hard for the euro. boys to win they do have like 30 sumthing more riders than team USA we just have FUCKING 3 riders to the rest of them but its fine ……ps dont eat an edible b4 the race lol

  45. the reason you go a lot views in the last video you put team USA and it motocross

  46. you guys need to riding Dunkirk and Lommel! the sand at Assen is fine and bottomless! its a bullshit track tbf!

  47. These two are doing the work, but where is J. Cooper ? The team needs all three guys to be working to be successful.