England Russia 1 1 – Fight fans Euro 2016

England Russia 1 1 ( gol Dier gol Glushakov ) Clashes hooligans 11-6-2016 England Russia 1 1 (gol Dier gol Glushakov) Euro 2016 Inghilterra Russia 1 1 rissa tifosi calcio prima della partita –

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  1. Oh man, that looked like it hurt with the chair over the head.

  2. Let's hope the Russians don't have as many casualties as ww2.

  3. England fans, welcome to Russia in 2018. I am waiting for you in Kaliningrad! You do not all return home!

  4. Russian steroid power cowards kicking wen men on the floor real hard

  5. mainstream media say about 150 Russian hooligans have been the main offenders, though they are kinda mentioning English in the same sentence as been equally to blame, is that fair?

  6. All i see there are Russian ultra attack attacking drunks and normal fans

  7. Turkish and Croatian fans are having fun together Euro 2016

  8. English we wait you 2018 world cup 😉

  9. fortunately for Russian yobs UK police stopped 2000 UK football hooligans from going to euros.

  10. English fear!!!! Run baby baby run. Not joke with russian. Respect to Russian from Italy. Rossia ia tibià lublu!!!

  11. it would appear French police surrendered…and let most of em get
    on with it…..so..nothing new there..rings a bell.

  12. I could take on 10 Russians I'd rip their heads off

  13. don't get it twisted, people going on about race and religion and shit this is just young men in the sun drinking too much at the first footy match of their tournament its all bravado

  14. The British ran into a worthy response.

  15. This is a disgrace. Every team in the Euro's will have its hooligans. Just like every team has its genuine followers. The people in this video are scum. From both parties. Spending all that money to travel to a different country only to get beaten up is awful.

  16. Fuck russia !
    Fuck putin !

  17. plastic chairs lol oh so dangerous , all i see are gay handbag swinging

  18. Russian Power! What about WC-2018?

  19. Russia can't do this at World Cup 2018. They better behave or the team can be forced to forfeit 1 game or games will be played somewhere else.

  20. Thing is the English fans have been fighting the police, the locals, themselves and ISIS for two days before the Russians turned up. Guess who gets the blame!!

  21. Hooligans running wild!