My Euro Nymphing Leader Set up

My Euro Nymphing Leader Set up.


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  1. Rez kid this has been one of the best descriptions of the euro style method that I have seen.

  2. Appreciate the honesty that you did not catch anything. I've gone many outing with nothing myself but I keep going and learning Tight lines.

  3. I really enjoy these leaders!>>> Quality not sacrificed with amazing price! Only issue is I have not found an efficient way to unravel leader…

  4. Have you stopped making movies?

  5. You should try clear creek in winslow I know a few spots for trout n bass. Great vid. I'm startn my fly fishing and have lots to learn. Thx brah

  6. Good show! Do you use a white sighter? A little tip that I like to do is, I use Berkley Vanish Floro for most of the leader except the end tippet which I will use Rio floro. I like it because I can buy a big spool for a few dollars. I will also use Maxima chameleon for the but section because it is nice and stiff, and doesn't refract sunlight.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! Will give euro nymphing a try.

  8. I love your videos, dog. It's partly because I like seeing a brown guy fly fishing, I have to admit. Ain't many of us out there! Also, I am new to the Euro-nymphing game so I have much to learn and you're a good teacher. Lastly, I like the honesty of this one! "That was the only fish I hooked that day." LOL. When you watch YouTube videos, you just see cats pulling in fish after fish, due to editing of course. That however, doesn't always match the inconsistent days most of us (or at least me) have on the water. Peace. BTW – my pops is from Globe and I fished San Carlos reservoir as a pup.

  9. What knot did you tie the flies on with?

  10. why are the eyes cocked over 90 degrees?

  11. Do you ever use added weight to get the flies down if the water is fast or deep? Or is the bead head enough weight?

  12. Awesome channel good to see another native who likes fly fishing hello from the blood reserve

  13. Great videos! – are you from New Mexico? Ever consider Tenkara? – it's a blast. I'm specially fond of my adaptation of Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug for deep nymphing the San Juan.

  14. Enjoyed your video man!! Nice work!

  15. Good vid man. Been looking to get into this type of nymphing. Do you use a euro style rod? I wouldn't mind one but I'm broke ass and would still need it to throw dries and dry dropper rigs reasonably well.

  16. My addition could be wrong, but all together you are like 15' huh? Dang! Lets go fishing soon man! How is the animas right now, thats where you were at right? Any luck?

  17. Great videos! You've inspired me to try this euro-nymphing thing. Seems better than using bobber/indicators..