HUNGARY vs PORTUGAL EURO 2020 Watchalong Mark Goldbridge

Hungary vs Portugal live Watchalong with .


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  1. To win a game you have to mark a gole no matter ir they game is good ir bad .

  2. Swuuuu or Swiiii???dead!

  3. 33-passes, and 0-3 in the last minute

  4. God morning for i Perancis at final yes than you

  5. Rafa and Renato Sanches should be starters in Portugal changed the game when entered cr7 the goat ?

  6. At least one defender was putting Ronaldo onside in the 3rd goal , it was clear that’s wasn’t offside

    Portugal should of had score a few more goals but 0-3 wasn’t bad.

  7. Goddam british people are obcessed with pace… "Has he got pace. Do they have enough pace in the team. pace this pace that".. that's why you never win anything…

  8. Rafa man of the match

  9. Fast forward to the last day of the transfer market..
    Man United still haven’t signed sancho.
    Personal terms agreed since 2020 but no agreement with Dortmund.
    Man United panic to find a last minute winger .
    RAFA signs with United on a 5 year deal.

    ???? imagine

  10. Guerreiro man of the match? Hes awful. Nuno Mendes is miles better but the coach is a stubborn idiot thats afraid to try new players. Palhinha is miles better than any other CDM and he wont play either

  11. Only Santos can hold back portugal from winning the tournament again, he needs to let portugal fire on all cylinders and only pick one holding CDM which is Perrira and play Bruno and Sanches or neves start

  12. Guys it's SIM as in yes

  13. Ronaldo says "SIM" which means YES in Portuguese. He just extends the word and says SIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMM.

  14. If puskas was here it would be a different story

  15. Scary how Portugal scored 3 in ten minutes?

  16. I've never seen a player play so badly, but still getting 3 assists. All in 20 minutes

  17. Portuguese people being portuguese people. Letting everything to do at the last minutes

  18. He wont go back to you mark he will be gough to the usa more money

  19. Give it up. You sound nothing like Gary Barlow.

  20. Benzema:“Football has become a game where players can play bad for 90 minutes and then score a goal and be called man of the match and get the spotlight.”