Germany should be worried ahead of facing France at Euro 2020 – Craig Burley | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Julie Foudy, Kasey Keller and Craig Burley join Kelly Cates on Euro Today to preview France’s Euro 2020 clash with .
0:00 Will the Euro 2020 winner come from Group F?
0:43 Do Germany have a chance against France?
1:34 Will ’s Karim Benzema be the difference?
1:57 Could the rifts in France’s squad unsettle the team?

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  1. Germany DOMNINATED France.. unlucky to lose to an own goal

  2. France has a good chance to win the Africa Cup!

  3. He he he you can count on us playing for the other team

  4. Why is an african team playing in Europe?

  5. Even as a German I have to admit how strong France is. Of course I'm rooting for my team. But France is the favorite team for a reason.

  6. Burnley is a clown…so Germans bring back to very good players and it’s desperate but France brings back one and it’s adding strength. The English want to believe they are a superior football country…but they haven’t won anything in Over 50 years

  7. Plot twist: Hungary pulls a Leicester on everybody….

    Reality: Hungary is heading home after their second game. Viva! Viva Hungary prove me wrong.

  8. Why do espn insist shoving two women with no knowledge of football. Why don't they do women commentary. I don't see craig burley on sit when women teams are playing.

  9. Everyone here forgetting about Raumdeuter

  10. Let's remember the current Germany squad is not the Germany squad of Philip lahm, swasteigger, miraslov klose etc?

  11. I think loew doesn’t know what he is doing – to play with 3 defenders and he is wasting a place in the amazing midfield

  12. All the Belgians are for Germany .
    We hate France .

  13. Anything to make Burley cry, is welcomed by me.

  14. France plays a lot worse compared to the amount of resources they have in their team. Only Lowe is holding back Germany otherwise this German team under Hansi Flick will clap France any day of the week.

  15. Giroud never gets the respect he deserves.

  16. Why are guys undervaluing the connection the german team has on their usual teams…. Let's not forget the issues in the france team…. Mbappe and giroud are not in the best terms so…. They don't have that much harmony

  17. Everyone is sleeping on us

  18. it could be one of the most boring 0-0

  19. Vielen glück für Deutsche Brüder aus Bosnien und Herzegowina ??❤??


  20. just saying Germany has the most recent (last12months) CL winners.

  21. everybody seems to be so sure Hungary gonna get beat up in this group… but Costa Rica in FIFA WC 2014 was something else, they were truly the underdogs that top the group

  22. Very strong on both team they have the best strikers in the world. Germany lost 6-0 in Spain on November they have major problem with defend lines, so seem like they have more pressure and watch out. France's front & midfield working together very well to finish clean, I can see atleast few shot on target on both side. France may win this match!

  23. France. The kings of Soccer

  24. Thats gonna be a Comeback from germany ??????

  25. as soon as the bald prat talks i mute the vid

  26. Oh yes, Germany should be worried of facing France, but France as a favourites should be worried even more of facing Germany so early. It's more pressure on France.

  27. Win or lose, I just want us to play a determined 90mins v France. Idky everyone keeps commenting germany is scared lol. Our team is still in trial n error thanks to Jogi bear, plus we r missing a solid striker!

  28. Craig burley talking nonsense again…..

  29. I want Müller to have a fantastic tournament. World-class player without all the hype.

  30. I do worry about the Germans defence I only rate Rudiger. But if they defend well as a team they have a chance to get something from this game.

  31. Go Deutschland. Don't underestimate this team. They'll gladly be the underdogs, and have something to prove. Who cares about the world cup in 2018, they still have a solid mentality.

  32. No surprise for me if Germany smashes France. These pundits are sleeping over gnabry, werner and sane destroying the France backline.

  33. How are English media giving England more chance then Germany?, individually Germany has way better better players than England, German midfield and wingers are all much better than Englands

  34. Germany 1 – France 0 Remember, you saw it first here..

  35. France and Portugal should go through