Did Patrik Schick's masterclass disguise a good Scotland performance? | Euro 2020 | ESPN FC

Derek Rae, and former Scottish internationals Don Hutchison and Steve Nicol join Kay Murray on ESPN FC to break down Scotland’s 2-0 loss to the Czech Republic in its Euro 2020 opener, its first match at a major men’s competition since the 1998 World Cup.

0:00 Reflecting on ’s wonder goal from beyond midfield.
1:58 Can Scotland take anything away from its next match against England?
3:32 Why it was a good Scotland performance in spite of the score.
4:09 The importance of winning the first match at a major tournament.

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  1. Dear oh dear, Scotland were diabolical, pathetic at the back, hapless upfront

  2. Scotland are bang average and don't have the quality required for this tournament. Let's stop beating around the bush LOL

  3. GO SCOTLAND ❤️?⚽️⭐️

  4. Also, losing the first game isn´t the end of chances. In 1996 the Czech Rep. lost to Germany in the first game. The group was tough (GER, ITA, RUS, CZE). And yet the Czech team went all the way to the finals. Back then, only two teams advanced to play-offs.

  5. I am Czech. This Czech team has a big advantage: no pressure by media or fans. There have been no high expectations in Czechia. The group is tough with Croatia (2nd at World Cup) and England (4th at WC). Plus we have to play Scotland in Glasgow and England in London. Also, the team lost its best central defense man Ondřej Kúdela who was punished by UEFA for an alleged racist insult during Glasgow Rangers vs Slavia Prague game. The Czech league player of the season Lukáš Provod got injured before the tournament. And the national team was literally humiliated by Italy (4:0) in a friendly 10 days ago. So, the fans and media were pretty pessimistic before the game. I was, too. Patrik Schick showed his potential. This boy has been plagued with injuries but everyone knew he was capable of great things. Tomáš Vaclík, the goalie, who had been a substitute in Sevilla the whole season had several great saves in the game. I thought the game could go either way, it was down to who´d score the first goal. I remain realistic but if the team works hard it can do well. A player that deserves attention is Tomáš Souček – a defensive midfield player – who has had a great season in West Ham having scored 10 goals and been nominated for the Premier League best player. And Vladimír Darid in the midfield seems to be in great shape, he is tireless both in Hertha Berlin and the Czech team.

  6. Sucking of the British i see ?. Anyway, Scotland were good

  7. That's like when Slavia Prague destroyed Rangers.

  8. Racists from the Eastern Europe are better than the right guys from Scotland? UEFA should stop Patrick Schick for 10matches, because he was laughing. Schottisch footbal is not better than Czech football. See matches Sparta Celtic and Slavia against Rangers this year. Rangers is team including the Gerard which cannot accept better team and they have to use unfair attacks to win. Kamara is lier and he should go to the jail because his lie and UEFA Mafia destroyed Czech national team defense. Behaviour of UEFA is the same like Stalin behavour killing the people without any evidence.

  9. No. Scotland were absolutely dreadful. Passion, but no talent

  10. England knocking Scotland out. You love to see it.

  11. Scotland: loses 0:2
    shots on goal 4:7
    Scots: we were better

  12. I think although Scotland lost they put on a good performance and I am fearing them against England on Friday. I think they may actually slaughter us. At least they keep attacking rather than hanging around in their own half and passing to each other and when the opposition tries to get the ball they pass it back to their goal keeper. That is England in every frigging match for the last 25 years!!

  13. Nope. Both were basic but Scotland was extra weak

  14. Got beat buy a Czech team full if Serie A and Bundesliga players. Eat it.

  15. Schick would make a great panic buy for ManU, like Poborsky.

  16. Scotland are Pub football standard with the exception of a world class striker.

  17. Schick nearly had a hat trick. Stop it…

  18. 23 years since a major tournament and and they concede a worldie goal like that ? Scotland is comedy gold in football ?

  19. End of the day we lost 2-0 yeah we played ok, but would rather have played badly and won 1-0 thats football

  20. Czech power ??????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????

  21. And Stevie said that Scotland will win because of their premier league players hahaha, english bias. Well that aged well, I like when that happens because they disrespect other leagues and countries.