Cristiano Ronaldo – Hungary v Portugal – Pre-Match Press Conference (Removes Coca-Cola)- Euro 2020

with Cristiano ahead of Portugal’s Euro 2020 opener against Hungary.

He says he is not distracted by talk of a potential move to Man United or PSG.

@UEFA 2021

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  1. King ?Cristiano ??♥️

  2. Good bro banned the cocacola+ papsi+nestle in muslim world .

  3. I always like it pepsi more than coca cola

  4. Coca cola ❌❌❌❌.
    Water ✅✅✅✅???
    Şu hareketi yapamayan korkak ve pis bir zihniyet var

  5. Ronaldo promotes the very controversial "Herbalife", typical marketing ploy here by Ronaldo.

  6. Why doesn’t coke put their water up there to advertise. That’s how stupid they are ! Screw Coke and their woke ass b s…never drink that shit again

  7. Weldone best goal against coke;)

  8. This mans achievements on and off the field is beyond anything imagined by far the best footballer and an amazing ambassador for human rights god bless this man more and more a great role model for all

  9. Supporting Ronaldo and his team! A salute to him for this simple act that definitely moved millions!!!! ????? Salut sir!!!!

  10. Legend's here for see that ( removing Coca-Cola) and searched for "Portugal vs Hungry Pre match press conference"

    Btw; Subscribe,Like And Share My videos please??

  11. Hola @Ronaldo ???????????????

  12. The wall money has to come from somewhere, Trump got this translater job to raise funds for the fucking wall??.


  14. CR7 is sponsor by Herbalife Nutrition

  15. Big loss to company of coca cola?

  16. Yes Ronaldo, Pepsi all the way.