Rambo Amadeus – Euro Neuro (Montenegro) 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Official Preview Video

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Rambo Amadeus will represent Montenegro at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan with the song ‘Euro Neuro’

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  1. so he's basically Caparezza but from Montenegro

  2. Ето го и българския коментар които търсиш

  3. Okay i just wonder one of those morons that disliked what is up their mind

  4. This has a great bass and Drum track. Wonderfull song that would end up in the top 10 in eurovision lately.

  5. Rambo won the game. Eurosong should be over after 2012.

  6. Поједе му магаре паре?

  7. SVETSKO A NAŠE!!!:-)))

  8. Sve je receno. Hvala ti sto postojis Rambo!!!

  9. Najgora pjesma Ikad izmisljena. Nema Nista ni scim. Super

  10. I am sure that Rambo was a big WTF for most of EV viewers. You have to understand that Rambo is an artist, and a brutaly honest one. He is plain speaking, no nonsense man that has the respect of many. He doesn't care about trends, he does not care if he will please the public, it is all about music and his perpetual search for musical nirvana. He despises lies and almost all his discography, if not all, is just about that simple fact. A lot of fans were shocked at the news that he will be the MNE representative at the EV contest, but soon his reasons became clear. His primary goal at the EV was fishing 😀 😀 😀 😀 Not joking 🙂

  11. He's like Magnifico's brother lol.

  12. Какая-то злая Европа стала со временем. В то время (не столь далекое, кстати) такой стеб умудрялся попадать на сцену конкурса, а теперь задеть не ту эмоцию гораздо легче.

  13. Every Single Word is greek.. Filakia

  14. Monetary breakdance indeed …