The TSN Panel discusses Christian Eriksen collapsing on the Euro 2020 pitch.


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After Danish star Christian Eriksen collapses on the pitch, the TSN Panel discusses their emotions seeing the horrific scene.


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  1. Could Erikson be the first casualty of the amount of games these players are being forced to play. Right niw there is absolutly no time off for them. Thank god he has survived but I'm not so sure that he will be the last. As for the game continuing it was a huge mistake. The Danish players were in no way read to play after the incident. A huge mistake by the Danish manager who should probably be saked for letting his players continue. Part of his job is to protect his players even from them selves.

  2. I'm from Finland. I'm happy that we managed to win the match in the end, a miracle in itself. But nothing, NOTHING compares to the gratefulness I feel knowing that Christian Eriksen's condition is much better after the horrific collapse and he is still with us. Get well soon, Christian! ❤️🤍

  3. 3 years after I graduated, someone (a visiting player) died in my old high school's gymnasium under similar circumstances.

    Really scary especially when you have so many people present

  4. As we all have been made aware this past Year & a Half, the Real MVPs are the paramedics & front line workers who literally save lives every day & in front of our very eyes. God bless them for all they do 🙏

  5. This is absolutely disgusting to connect Eric situation with COVID-19 vaccination. Be more respectful to the player and his family and don’t spread the gossips.

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