DENMARK vs FINLAND EURO 2020 Watchalong


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Denmark vs Finland Euro 2020 Watchalong with Craig Houlden and Joe. Can Dernmark get off to a winning start at the Euros? SUBSCRIBE here

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  1. So glad Eriksen is in hospital and recovering. My God. So difficult for his family and teammates. Thank you lads, for reporting this respectfully. So tough for you to see and report

  2. Watching it brought tears . I’m no Tottenham fan but he’s part of the football word . It’s a community and rival stops . God bless Christian and the family . Great work lads for your handle of the situation.❤️🙏🙏

  3. I thought Craig was 100% guy 👦but when the Liverpool v man United game came a round real Craig came out have a look c what you think I will never watch he's channel again no need for name calling

  4. You two done a professional job after seeing this harrowing event live. Glad he's stable in hospital. We loved Eriksen at Spurs one of our best players ❤ prespetic is a big word in life after this.

  5. Eriksen is in good hands. His health is the most important issue now and players from all countries will be affected. Remember he has former teammates from his days at Tottenham as well as his Danish compatriots.

  6. I think that you 2 handled this excellently! Craig I subscribed to you a month or so ago but I'll definitely be making a point to watch more of you after seeing the way you handled this.

    Pray for Eriksen! 🙏🏾

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