How to Talk About Your Free Time and Hobbies in English – Spoken English Lesson

What do you like doing in your free time? Do you have any interesting hobbies? Talking about free time and hobbies is a good way to start a conversation in English, or find things in common when you speak to others in English. Practice your English speaking or prepare for an English exam with a certified English teacher:

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to talk about your free time and hobbies naturally and clearly in English.

See the full lesson (with text) here:

1. Free time and hobbies vocabulary 0:32
2. What do you like doing? 1:36
3. Adding details to your ideas 3:15
4. Saying why you like or dislike something 6:25

You can learn:

– English vocabulary to talk about hobbies and free time activities.
– How to say what you like or dislike doing.
– How to make your speaking more natural and interesting by adding details about your free time and hobbies.
– Ways to talk about how often you do these free time activities.
– How to make longer answers when in English.

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  1. I enjoy watching your classes In my free time, I usually do it on the weekends, they are very useful.

  2. I like listen to the music. Actualy I love it…….?

  3. I started to learn it today.I like this man.He say English clearly and easily so I can understand it .really nice

  4. " I am practice using this language ", sir please tell us is this sentence grammatically correct?

  5. Thank you very much this free time

  6. Dear Oli, I read in Longman Dictionary this: GRAMÁTICA: Countable or uncountable?

    • In British English, you say:

    I like watching sport on TV.

    Sport is an uncountable noun in this meaning.
    So, If I say: "I like playing sport" is correct(general and uncountable I think).
    But If I say: "I like playing sports" is it also correct? (I feel it's general and plural and similar to the previous one, but American style right?)

  7. I enjoy doing sports. I visit gym near my house 2-3 times a week. My mother usually goes with me.
    We can choose what kind of activities to do. For example, my mom likes doing yoga, but I prefer hard exercises.
    To my mind, sport is a good way to become healthy, strong and confident in yourself.

  8. When I was in high school, I used to eat in the classroom.

  9. I really love climbing mountains with my friends, i start to climb in the end of 2020. Because it's so interesting and i want to reach the high, feel fresh of natural and free with stepping foot. We try to climb once or twice a year that sound regular, cause it need time and good preparing. I hope in the future i will have more many trip to mountains than before. thanks!

  10. Thank you very much ?

  11. I really like, watching your videos. once a week. Thank you for your help and teaching

  12. In my spare time, i really like practicing english. because i wanna improve my english . i really work hard for this.but i haveproblem to speak it. i thought in english but i can`t speak it well. i need your suggestion . what should i do??? plz guide me.

  13. I love reading book in my spare time. I have been doing this habit for about ten years. When I was child, my father got me into books.I read book twice a day, right after I get up and before going to bed. I enjoy this hobby because I can learn new skill and learn something new.I spend a hundred bucks a year on this hobby

  14. I like taking picture when we going to any party or when I’m going see my mum and my cousins that’s time I want to taking picture that time I’m feeling enjoying

  15. I like my free time going to holiday out side with my family’s

  16. hello everybody!
    I want to share some activities I do when I have time. when I was a student I used to watch movies and play games every night but now I was not. Now I get married and have a child, so I don't have time to do my hobbies. Almost by the time I go to work and play with my kid. Sometimes I love going out to walk, breathe fresh air and relax. Besides, I like learning English. I usually go on the internet to watch English clips, learn vocabulary, grammar and practice my English.

  17. Thank you for teach me english im from chile in south america

  18. I enjoy painting In my free time, once or twice a week, I go to different places in the city and look for an interesting place to paint. I was interested in painting since I was 8 and now I am 14 that's 6 years!. I like it because you can express your feelings in the paper and show the paper that you can!

  19. in my free time, I really anjoy studying materials English for the preparation of teaching material for my students in class. your video is very helpful. thank you very much.

  20. in my free time i love many things like gardening, reading to book, going out with my family and hang out with friends, its really depends on my mood. i have a tiny balcony garden its has different plants like flower and vegitables plant also some fruits plant.

  21. I found a youtube channel that can help me study E better, that's you
    thankyou a lot of

  22. I've been learning med

  23. I enjoy playing football , writing ?

  24. I really hate to hangout with someone

  25. In my free time i like watching tv

  26. In my free time I enjoy watching korean series with my family .I watch them every weekdays and I started watching them since I was in 10th standard & so i have watched them for about 5years .I think the social media got me into watching them ,They promote their drama with short videos .I am so captivated by the korean dramas .

  27. I like singing and doing sports like yoga and hula-hoop. I also spend a lot of time with my dogs. On weekends I enjoy going to the city and chill there with my friends in they park.

  28. In my free time, I usually go shopping, watch video on Facebook, read book, listen music, listen English, do yoga on the gym center, take some pictures with my friends,…

  29. In my free time I like watching TV

  30. I am Poppy Pham. I am 12 years old.
    I love knitting. I do it on weekends at my aunt's house in District 2. Sometimes I do it with my aunt, or sometimes I do it alone. My aunt got me into it, because I had nothing to do. I like it because when I have nothing to do, I can take it out and do it. It makes me less bored.

  31. In my free time I really like sleeping, because it can make me feel relaxe and forget everything , especially I can imagine anything which I am not able to do in the real world. ????

  32. I love watching your vedios

  33. In my free time, I do lots of activities like listening to music, reading stories.Also, I really love watching international cookery shows for example master chief Canada because I can learn different types of cuisine of the world.