Morning walk Photo Editing | Fantasy Smoke Photo Manipulation

In this video I’m editing a photograph of Morning walk , its a manipulation video

The photographs are edited using Photoshop, how’s it let me know in the comment sections
Watch the full video and you’ll know how I convert normal photo into amazing neon glow photograph. Yes i have change the background in this photograph , and with the help of photoshop i have manipulated thing in this and boom the Final photo look like that.

Photoshop manipulation is the awesome thing for composition of different photographs and merge in the one, it requires some knowledge to do photo manipulation but when you get use to it then its a simple but time consuming thing to do.

Also I love editing different photos , if you send me your photos then for sure i will edit them too, but the photo should be in a high quality , and it should be shared through my email ID
The idea of Photoshop manipulation or say photo manipulation for this image came into my mind by imagining the smoke and neon , and so i make this fantasy smoke photo manipulation image , by the way how’s the effect , the neon light effect look so much awesome in look wise that anyone gets flat after watching it. Neon light look so much amazing that it change the whole feeling about the image. if you want more this kind of neon light effect more in my upcoming video then please let me know in the commet sections.

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